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Month: March 2009

Spring Training Battlewatch: March 3, 2009

The Chicago Cubs defeated the Oakland Athletics! Or something. It doesn’t matter. On to what does matter: the positional, rotational, and bullpen…onal battles. Not much on the positional front. Jake Fox raked, again. Probably doesn’t matter, as he’s going to have to play ridiculous defense (relatively speaking) at third to make the team. He played […]

Obsessive Harden Shoulderwatch: Throwing Batting Practice

Rich Harden hasn’t made it into a Chicago Cubs Spring Training game yet, but that’s not yet a concern. Among rational people, anyway. The good news is Harden is pitching off the mound, and he faced hitters in batting practice this weekend, and he’s scheduled to do it again today. Pitching coach Larry Rothschild said […]

Steve Phillips is an Idiot, and Lou Piniella ‘Bout to Drop Some Knowledge

Steve Phillips is a former, and completely unsuccessful, MLB general manager. Steve Phillips is a current, and completely unsuccessful, ESPN commentator. Phillips recently picked the Chicago Cubs to win the World Series in 2009, but Cubs fans will forget that quickly now that he and Cubs manager Lou Piniella have become very anti-BFF over comments […]

Milton Bradley is Going to Play Tomorrow, Probably

Allegedly, Milton Bradley is going to play on Wednesday. Bradley left his first Spring Training game with quad tightness. Oh, and then he was sore for several days. Oh, and then he got the flu. But he’s going to play on Wednesday. You can write it down. Probably.


Spring Training Positional Battlewatch: March 2, 2009

Carlos Zambrano looked thoroughly uninjured as he mowed down the D-Backs. I think the Cubs lost, though. On to the important stuff: Neither Aaron Miles nor Mike Fontenot distinguished himself at the plate, but interestingly, both played a little shortstop. Micah Hoffpauir had his first merely pedestrian game, with a double as his lone hit. […]

Obessive Peavywatch: Jake Peavy Still Kind of Likes the Cubs

There’s this pitcher in San Diego that the Chicago Cubs and their fans have kind of had some interest in for a few months. His name is Jake Peavy. Perhaps you’ve heard of him. Perhaps you’ve thought about him. Obsessively. So when the Cubs squared off against the Padres yesterday for a Spring Training outing, […]

Lou Piniella Wants Curt Schilling

No, not that way, but he’s interested in having Schilling pitch for the Chicago Cubs. “This guy, he’s a pro,” Piniella said. “I don’t know how accurate [the reports] are, but if you get a pitcher with his credentials and his winning habits, it would be something to explore.” I stick to my assessment that […]

Mark Prior is Gonna DOMINATE This Year!

Remember when, for three years, Chicago Cubs fans sated themselves with the thought that, although Mark Prior was just throwing towels, soon he would be back to form. It would be like trading for a top-line starter mid-season, we told ourselves. Well, thank the Lord that isn’t us anymore, right? Now there’s a glimmer. Prior […]

Spring Training Positional Battlewatch: March 1, 2009

Ryan Dempster faced Jake Peavy. Who is Jake Peavy again? Mike Fontenot, who played third base, put up another great game: 2 for 3 with a couple doubles. Aaron Miles, whom Fontenot is presumably battling for the starting second base gig, continued his lackluster showing this spring with the old goose egg. In an effort […]

Curt Schilling to the Cubs?

Curt Schilling is old, broken, and kind of a jerk. But he’s interested in pitching for the Chicago Cubs this year and that makes him all right. More intriguingly, the Cubs reportedly return his interest. Schilling, 42, didn’t pitch at all last year due to shoulder problems. He’s been dominant when healthy – oh, and […]

Telenovella: Carlos Marmol (again) IS Going to Pitch in WBC

First, he was going to. Then he wasn’t. Then he was going to. Then he wasn’t. And now Carlos Marmol officially, definitely, maybe, probably, but no, seriously, definitely is going to pitch for the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic. “He’s vacillated on it a little bit,” Cubs manager Lou Piniella said. “But he’s […]