Though the Chicago Cubs are currently set to begin the regular season with just one backup infielder on the roster (Aaron Miles), I have repeatedly contended that the team will keeps its eyes open for another backup – particularly one who can backup on the left side of the infield.

Well it looks like they might already be looking.

The Cubs may look at signing veteran infielder Mike Lamb to a minor-league deal as security in case of an Aramis Ramirez injury. Milwaukee just released him.

That sounds a little more like the team would want him to stash in the minors rather than actually giving him a bench job. Lamb is only one year removed from back-to-back .800 OPS seasons, so it is hard to imagine him not being able to secure a ML bench job somewhere.

h/t ChicagoCubsOnline.

  • Matt

    Hmm. I’ve never thought he was all that bad and he’s gotten some big hits against us. Then again, he’s had like a billion at bats against us. I’d take him.

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  • Coldneck

    I’m splitting hairs her, but wouldn’t Mr. Hoffpauir be considered and backup infielder?Thus leaving the Cubs with two, not one.

    • Ace

      I used to qualify all my “one backup infielder” statements with something like “excluding Micah Hoffpauir,” but stopped. Technically first base is on the infield, but a guy who can play first is no more a backup infielder than Geo Soto is a backup infielder (afterall, he could play first base in a pinch). You know what I mean?