Chicago Cubs catcher Geovany Soto is headed to Chicago to see the team orthopedist (who needs a specialist, right?) about his aching right shoulder. The Cubs hope the injury will clear up by this weekend, but apparently Soto’s been dealing with it for a while.

Soto said he first experienced a problem with the shoulder a few years ago in Class AAA and that it felt better almost as suddenly as it started hurting, allowing him to return within a week. He has been on a maintenance program of shoulder exercises since.

He said Wednesday it’s not nearly as bad this time but did not have a strong feeling about when he might return. CHICAGO SUN-TIMES.

Um, ok. It’s not as bad this time, but he doesn’t feel like he can return as quickly. Insert question mark that is actually a statement: ?

That means a trip to the disabled list is a distinct possibility.

”From talking to him, it lasted a week or so [the first time],” manager Lou Piniella said. ”Let’s hope it doesn’t. If it’s going to be that long, I’m not so sure we can stay with one catcher.”

Koyie Hill filled in Wednesday. The Cubs could add Mark Johnson from Iowa for Friday’s game in Milwaukee.

Woo hoo, Mark Johnson! It’s amazing how quickly a lack of depth can be revealed.

Catcher Welington Castillo is one of the Cubs top prospects, but he’s just a pup and hasn’t played above AA. If Soto is going to be out for a while, the Cubs should consider going outside of the organization for a catcher (if there is such a guy available). The team has five open spots on the 40-man roster, so it certainly isn’t an issue in that regard.

  • isuquinndog

    He better not head to the DL. That would be a major blow to the Cubs offense.

  • Brian

    Isn’t Jake Fox a catcher? If Soto goes on the DL couldn’t he come up? I thought we were trying him at first and third for ST

  • Ace

    He’s probably down to “emergency” catcher status. Folks in the know say his defense behind the plate is pretty bad.

    • DaveB

      Yeah his D probably is pretty bad, but he can hit. And there really arent any other spots for him, I’d rather give him a shot over Mark Johnson… Gotta give Fox a shot sometime and see if hes going to amount to anything or not.