Did anyone else see LOST this week, when Hurley commented to Miles that Dr. Pierre Chang – Miles’ father – was “a douche”? My friends and I looked at each other and said, whoa, did he just say “douche” on network TV?

That’s awesome.

And I guess it’s part of the general nomenclature now, so I can say with confidence and comfort: Adam Wainwright is kind of a douche.

He shared his thoughts on yesterday’s controversial third strike that led to Milton Bradley leaving the bases loaded, and leaving the game after scream-induced heave ho.

Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright said the pitch was “too close to take.” Milton Bradley disagreed.

“It’s right there,” Wainwright said of the called third strike in the sixth that Bradley objected to. “I’m sure the TV strike zone thing would have had it crossing the plate.” Muskat Ramblings.

Whatever dude. Strike. Ball. Just shut up and pitch, and be grateful you pulled out a win.

Wainwright obviously feels like Bradley was showing him up – and Wainwright obviously has never played against Milton Bradley. The guy is emotional, and of course he’s going to blow up in that moment. It has nothing to do with you. I’m sure you threw a swell pitch.

So shut the heck up and do it again next time.

  • Butcher

    Kind of?

  • Cigar

    He is a gigantic douche. Ever heard any of his other interviews? He is awful cocky for not being in the league all that long.

    • Ace

      I haven’t actually heard him speak otherwise. I’ll definitely have to listen now.

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