Chris Carpenter just can’t catch a break.

Cardinals ace Chris Carpenter underwent a magnetic resonance imaging on Thursday that confirmed the 2005 NL Cy Young Award winner sustained a torn left oblique muscle during Tuesday night’s start against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Carpenter will begin rehab next week, according to general manager John Mozeliak, who described Thursday’s finding as nothing more severe than the club’s original estimate.

“It just confirmed our initial read,” Mozeliak said. “You certainly would have preferred it find nothing. But given his level of pain, this is what was expected.”

Mozeliak said an initial estimate of a 4-8 week recovery for Carpenter remains in place.

Youngster PJ Walters (seriously, dude, could your full name possibly be so bad that it sounds better to go by “PJ”?) will fill in, at least initially, for Carpenter. And since he’s a nobody pitcher for the Cardinals, he’ll be receiving his first Cy Young Award in six to seven months.

  • Cardfan

    Now, now. One shouldn’t take delight in another’s misfortune. Don’t worry, we can easily find another career 20/160 (W/L) pitcher that Duncan can throw a new tread on and run for the remainder of the season. If they can keep the ERA under 5.00, we can let the O do the rest.

    I agree on the “PJ”, although he may have a new nickname after tonight. Raises a question though – how come Mr. Board Game doesn’t go by “Milt”. He doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who endured teasing well as a child…

    • Ace

      Ha. You are growing on my, Cardfan. And I take no delight in the injury itself (outside of the fact that he’s good, and now the Cubs don’t have to face him for a while) – after all, I did say it was a “shame.”