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2 responses to “Lou Piniella Hates the Bullpen”

  1. savant

    Bullpens since the mid eighties have become more and more situational, and it is good to see that old dog Lou is at the forefront of innovation. Cotts is trying to become the first ever IBBOOGY, and doing a decent of a job at it. Although Cotts has been the Cubs best candidate for the IBBOOGY, a closer look at the numbers indicate that there is definite room for improvement. He has recorded eight outs while allowing only nine baserunners, I would think that a major league pitcher who’s only responsibility is to allow IBB’s could have a success rate of at least .850. It also leads to the question of how marginal is Cott’s stuff? If you are simply trying to walk hitters, how does he allow seven batters to make contact? I am not sure how this IBOOGY thing is going to work out but it is great to have a forward thinking manager that is willing to use his players in situations that they have the best chance to be successful.