You can probably omit the “kind of” if you’re so inclined.

St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa has never been a favorite of Chicago Cubs fans, so pretty much anything he says about the Cubs will be placed under a microscope. But after his starter Adam Wainwright struck out Milton Bradley in a critical situation last week on an incredibly suspect call, Wainwright had a douchey comment or two for the Cubs.

And now LaRussa has signed up with a douche-bomb of his own.

After hearing Cubs players state that the pitch was questionable and that they support their man Bradley, LaRussa took it to the next level.

“I don’t know how the Cubs get away with making the comments they make about umpires.”

Good Lord, Tony. He acts as though the Cubs said umpire Larry Vanover is a blind, retarded, banana hammock-wearing-troglodyte. They questioned the call (legitimate), and supported their player (legitimate). So just relax.

You know, before the Cubs call you a blind, retarded, banana-hammock-wearing troglodyte.

  • Cards Guy

    Win something then talk…Until then just shut the fuck up…Thanks

    • Ace

      Internet tough guy. I love it.

      Signs of Internet Tough Guy Syndrome (ITGS):

      1. Drive-by comments on articles from months ago.

      2. Doesn’t believe in “traditional” grammar and punctuation.

      3. Has unusually small testicles.

      4. Suggests a solution (“win something”) that has nothing to do with the article (“Tony LaRussa is Kind of a Douche”).

      Please see a doctor or a tack hammer if you notice any of these symptoms developing. Thanks.

    • MICK

      I agree Ace, I am especially suprised at how anyone could have a bad attitude to this post with that adorable picture of Tony.

  • Another Cards fan

    surprise, surprise, another butthurt Cubs fan.

    • DarthHater

      And how butthurt do you have to be to jump on a thread from three years ago?