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7 responses to “Apparently Bradley Was Suspended For Something Other Than “Making Contact” With Umpire”

  1. MB21

    Ace, I posted a link to this over on ACB. I couldn’t tell if there was contact either and I have a few pictures from the video as well. I’m not sure I follow what you’re saying though.

  2. DK

    Any lip readers out there???

  3. Fella

    Ace, I think the report they are speaking of was the one mentioned. It was a report stating physical contact.

    “The umpire who ejected Milton Bradley in his Wrigley Field debut Friday intends to file a report stating that the outfielder made physical contact.
    Bradley is in serious danger of being suspended. He struck out looking on a full count pitch and shared a brief, but aggressive, exchange with umpire Larry Vanover, at one point knocking the ump’s hat slightly up his head. The report will be filed with the Commissioner’s Office on Saturday. We’ll keep you updated.”