Unless that reliever is Carlos Marmol, I have a hard time believing another team is aggressively pursuing anyone else in the pen. But, hey, whatever. Cross your fingers for Neal Cotts.

As far as the possibility of trades, some teams have contacted the Cubs about their relief corps. The Cubs can’t send either David Patton or Angel Guzman to the minors without going through the waiver process. Guzman is out of options; Patton, because of the Rule 5 draft in December 2008, must stay on the big league team all season or be subject to waivers before he can return to the minors. The Cubs would lose both pitchers without compensation if they tried to put them through the waiver process.

In the short term, look for Samardzija to be called up as soon as the Cubs can trade one of their relievers. ESPN Chicago.

  • Derek

    Hendry: If it’s Cotts, then the answer is yes.
    Other GM: But you haven’t even heard what we’re offering.
    Hendry: Ok, sorry. What are you offering?
    Other GM: Will give you…
    Hendry: Yes.

    • Ace

      That is every kind of hilarious.