We hardly knew ye.

As expected, the Cubs designated right-hander Luis
Vizcaino for assignment on Thursday to make room on the 25-man roster
for Jeff Samardzija.

According to ESPN.com, Chicago was trying to trade Vizcaino before
bringing up Samardzija from Triple-A Iowa. But while general manager
Jim Hendry attempted to work out a deal with other teams to save money
— including the Nationals — the 34-year-old reliever will now be on
waivers for up to 72 hours. After that, the Cubs will have seven days
to release or trade him.MLB.com.

If my rudimentary understanding of the ridiculously complicated waiver
system is correct, if a team claims Vizcaino in the next few days,
they will assume his entire salary ($3.5 mill this year, and 500k
buyout next year). If no one claims him, the Cubs will have seven days
to trade or release him (Cubs would be on the hook for whatever the
other team doesn’t take on), and if still he remains, he can accept a
minor league assignment if he so chooses.

Please feel free to correct me.

  • Nate

    The 2009 Cubs will not make the playoffs. They have no identity as a team. Hendry got rid of too many key players that were part of a TEAM. This year there is no team concept at all. About 6 countries represented in each day’s starting line up, no character, no leaders, etc.
    The bench is horrible. Triple-A players abound for pinch hitters.
    Bradley is a joke. A completel joke. Why, after winning 97 games and having three bad games at the wrong time in the playoffs, would you let go of the people that went and then sign a total loser like Bradley, and then bat him freakin clean up!?
    Just watch how bad this summer is. A lot of fights, tons of trades, finger pointing, and time to “rebuild.” Soriano will be traded to a contender, Lee will be gone before the trade deadline, but wait, they have to keep another joke: Fukudome. To make Hendry look good. Great pick ups by the way after letting these established, well above major league players go: DeRosa, Wood, Marquis, Blanco, Cedeno, and Edmonds. And to pick up these guys: Miles, Bradley, Gregg, some minor league catcher (Hill), a minor league outfielder (Hoff no power), Gathright (WHO?????). The cubs went 100 steps backwards this winter trying to save money to help pay for the big names that they signed one and two years ago. Now they are chasing their tale trying to make up the losses both financially and personel wise. Bradley is one of the worst people you could have signed to play on the north side of Chicago. Just watch this summer. He is a punk that should be playing in a city that doesn’t have the fan base that the Cubs do. He does not fit in at all. He does not have good career numbers either, so why sign him? Ummmm, what was wrong with DeRosa? Not left handed? Who cares? Oh wait, now we have Gathright because he is left handed.
    Third place at the highest this year. Probably fourth. Players being traded like crazy before the trade deadline. Even Zambrano. I bet he and Bradley are going to be best buddies with those tempers, just kidding, you couldn’t ask for a better recipe for a club house blow up.
    If you are a real Cubs fan, please stop getting duped by these greedy and stupid owners and giving all of your money to the Cubs management.

    • Ace

      Eh, I get the frustration, Nate, but I have to disagree with a lot of your points. Bullets:

      – Jason Marquis and Ronny Cedeno are not above average major leaguers.

      – Who cares if the team is comprised of guys from a lot of countries? That sounded strangely ethnocentric.

      – Bradley was a bad signing because he can’t stay healthy, not because he’s bad.

      – This team won’t do the dumping thing. Just won’t happen. At most, guys in the last year of their deal might get moved if the Cubs completely suck (Derrek Lee, for example).

      It’s early, and this team is loaded. I don’t think that dropping Luis Vizcaino should be the catalyst for a disaster manifesto.

      • Nate

        I agree with you Ace, Marquis and Cedeno are average at best. So I was wrong there, but I believe that they had a winner’s mentality and Cedeno had some good games last year and was a good guy to have on the bench. Marquis is an all around good athelete also and just brought good things to the team. He has been in winning organizations his whole career (ATL, STL) and the Cubs won when he was on the team as well.
        As far as the nationalities are concerned, what I was getting at is that this team just seems like a group of all stars somewhat with some other guys thrown in and there is not “team” concept. The last two years had a group of guys that related to each other and were together for a couple years, now this group is all new.
        Bradley is horrible. Look at his career stats. Nothing to speak of really. About 18 home runs a year, average of 280 ish. Not many doubles. Don’t base anything on last year because he played in a hitter’s park and his stats are inflated.
        Just be prepared to see the Cubs battling for third or fourth place in August. Cards, Brewers, Reds, and Cubs.
        Maybe I am wrong. I think that Mr. Lou is a great manager of people and personalities and can definitely get the most out of talent that he has, so maybe this team can come together. The bench is awefully, awefully weak though. Zambrano is their best pinch hitter and that is not a good sign.
        Too many guys who are new to the majors and developing their own problems and skills (Hill, Hoffpauer, Gathright, Bradley, Patton) and more makes this team too unstable. Last two years you had guys with proven stuff and knew their place on the field and in the locker room. Not this year.

        • Ivy Walls

          Belief? Belief generated in just 14 games. What you don’t know about how a team develops a personality and why teams win or lose over 162 games might fill libraries. First the only prere

          • Ivy Walls

            sorry this cut off. The first prerequisite for winning is talent. You start with starting pitching and the Cubs have more talent than any other team in the NL at this level and I have reason they will add more by July 1st. Now if you said that Zambrano might be hurt or Harden is iffy as he is hurt or that Dempster and Lilly had career years and Marshall is unproven you might have an argument but it now appears that Harden is okay, Demp and Lilly are pitching at their 2008 levels and only Z remains inconsistent.

            The next point is the bullpen, the Cubs have three proven and superior arms with Gregg, Marmol and Heilman, so the 8th and 9th innings are covered. They now have brought up Samardz for the 7th inning where Guzman appears to be effective also. That is 5 solid arms. Cotts does not have command and Patton is unproven.

            Now the offense—unconventional yes, unbalanced lineup now yes, but Fukudome is showing why he was coveted—-he has hit more extra base hits in 14 games than he did in the last 75 last year. Fontenot was hot in ST and cold now. He is a hot/cold hitter. Bradley is gimpy—so sit him. Lee’s turn at the 3-hole is over, move Ramirez there. Soto should be platooned until he gets his stroke back but this team will win 95-101 games.

            They will score runs and will out pitch most teams.

            Now as for chemistry. Chemistry is built on winning. Chemistry is built on players playing selfish ball. Chemistry is built on a manager who plays for the team and not player stats.

            You are merely ranting……

  • DaveB

    Nate you gotta chill out man. This isn’t the NFL where you only get 16 games.

    This is 162 GAMES. Give this team time. Remember the ’07 team? It was 10 games under .500 going into June or something like that, yet they still ended up winning the division.

    I think that your whole argument of “no identity as a team” is completely bogus. 4 of our 5 all-star calibur starting pitchers are back from last season. The one that nobody liked is gone, and he didnt even matter anyway because he never pitched in the playoffs.

    For the pen all that matters is that we have Marmol. Shark is back now and i wont be surpised to see him pick up right where he left off at the end of last season.

    And I think its still too early to call Bradley a bust, but we have Reed Johnson who is a great player that could easily be starting, and Fukudome is hitting well right now (hopefully that will keep up this season).

    Im sure there will be moves this summer to improve the team going into the stretch run, Henry has a track record for that. So just give this team some time