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One response to “Samardzija is Back (redux), and Somebody’s Out”

  1. Ivy Walls

    No not Cotts. This is not a performance based proposition it is a confidence and role based proposition. Vizcaino was DFA’d (designated for assignment) meaning in 72 hours he will either be traded or waived. It is a financial loss to a minor degree (although for those displaced by this economy $3M or $500K is an extreme amount of JACK).

    Cubs have decided that the talent prospects of Patton as the designated mop up or early reliever is an investment.

    The bullpen of Gregg, Marmol, Heilman has performed well as expected and Guzman appears on the cusp of joining the consistent group. Cotts’ command is off but that is all the Cubs got so they have till mid-late May to make that work. That leaves the 7th spot.

    Cubs are entering a stretch of 17 more games without an off day. Marshall will get at least 3 starts in that stretch.

    People are going to say that Vizcaino’s performance was not bad but the eyes have it—meaning Piniella, Rothschild and the brass believe Vizcaino’s stuff is not up to snuff and Hendry going to Iowa saw Samardz’s stuff.