cublogoverseYeah, yeah. It’s April and Kosuke Fukudome is one of the hottest hitters in baseball. What else is new.

But had to give a shout to Zoner Sports, if for no other reason than the excellent title: Fukudome is Fukidominating.

Everyone left him for dead but Kosuke Fukudome is Fuki-dominating. To be sure, those same people will point to last year’s nose dive and they might have a point there. But for now Cubs fans are thankful he’s getting it done, especially with the non-existent Milton Bradley and the slow starts of Derrek Lee, Geo Soto & Mike Fontenot.

Obviously I fall into the “point to last year’s nose dive” category, but I love the title nonetheless.

  • Zoner

    Believe my brother–believe!!

  • Cardfan

    All the Fuki-domination in the world is not going to make up for 6.00+ ERAs in the rotation and bullpen. I was kind of kidding about the 09 Cubs being a repeat of the 08 Tigers in a previous post, but what I am seeing is not pretty. Step it up Cubbies. We need a Cards-Cubs neck and neck finish to overcome the ugliness of our economic woes and accelerating nosedive into socialism. Don’t subject me to the sheer boredom of a race with the Reds or Brewers – I can’t deal with that right now.

    • Ace

      It looks unlikely to be a race with either of those two… so it might end up a Cardinals race against themselves.


      Keep reminding myself: it’s only April, it’s only April. It’ll work, too. Until tomorrow.

  • Cardfan

    Just when you are showing signs of life, you get kicked down – by none other than the LA Times and Forbes magazine…

    “As we saw again last weekend, the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees dominate the hype, but in a Forbes magazine ranking of the best rivalries in baseball, the East Coast arch-foes rated only second. In first place? The Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants. From the magazine: “One of baseball’s most enduring rivalries, the Giants have a slight edge over the Dodgers — 1,154 wins to 1,133 — in this series, which has always been competitive. Some of baseball’s all-time greats have played in this series, including Hall of Famers Willie Mays, Sandy Koufax, Duke Snider, Juan Marichal and Roy Campanella. The only bicoastal feud in baseball, it’s also one of the most intensely felt among players. Dodger great Jackie Robinson decided to retire from baseball entirely when he found out he’d been traded to the Giants.” The much ballyhooed rivalry between the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals earned only sixth place. As the magazine rationalized, “It’s simply not a very good rivalry when one team puts together eight World Series-caliber teams (Cardinals) and the other one finishes in last or second-to-last place in 29 of the 60 seasons we measured.”

    We’re holding up our end of the bargain. Your turn…

    • Ace

      That’s a pretty stupid metric, wouldn’t you agree? Yes, I’m sure you appreciate the Cardinal love that it implies, but don’t you feel that the Cubs/Cards rivalry is a whole lot better than 6th?

      • Cardfan

        I completely agree – BS article. Not to throw too much love your way, but with the Cards-Cubs rivalry, you have, not only the tradition and proximity, but a combined fan quality (knowledge/appreciation of the game) that is unparalleled by any of these others. In general, Cards and Cubs fans are more knowledgable about he nuances of the game. Plus, find me another series where you have 20,000+ show up for BP before the game.

        Been to many of these other ballparks and watched the game and the fans. It isn’t the same. It’s like going to the freakin movie theatre or shopping mall. Giants fans/Dodger fans – I have run across some very knowledgable ones, but it doesn’t translate to the stadium on gameday. A collective bunch of idiots. Seated by the 3rd inning and out fighting traffic by the 8th.

        To your credit, there is no other city in this country that would still have their major league team playing in a place like Wrigley. Of all the stadiums I have been to (15+), there is nowhere I would rather watch a game than Wrigley.

        • Ace

          Why do you have to be such an intelligent, nice guy? It would be so much easier if you were a complete tool.