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Month: April 2009

Cubs Have Been Contacted About Trading a Reliever

Unless that reliever is Carlos Marmol, I have a hard time believing another team is aggressively pursuing anyone else in the pen. But, hey, whatever. Cross your fingers for Neal Cotts. As far as the possibility of trades, some teams have contacted the Cubs about their relief corps. The Cubs can’t send either David Patton […]


Tony LaRussa is Kind of a Douche

You can probably omit the “kind of” if you’re so inclined. St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa has never been a favorite of Chicago Cubs fans, so pretty much anything he says about the Cubs will be placed under a microscope. But after his starter Adam Wainwright struck out Milton Bradley in a critical situation […]

Lou Piniella Hates the Bullpen

Effectively tied for first place in the National League Central, having won or split every series of the season so far, it is hard to find things to complain about with this year’s Chicago Cubs team. And yet, one has to look only to the bullpen to realize what is quickly becoming the Cubs’ Achilles […]

Bradley Still Appealing Suspension … from the Bench

Chicago Cubs outfielder Milton Bradley was suspended for two games this weekend after “making contact” (I still didn’t really see it) with an umpire last week. The good news for the Cubs is that Bradley has been out with a sore groin anyway, so he can just serve the two game suspension from the bench […]

Milton Bradley Suspended for Two Games

Just got word that Milton Bradley has been suspended for two games by MLB for making contact with umpire Larry Vanover on Thursday. I didn’t see much of a bump, but given Bradley’s history, the length is understandable, if not fair. Bradley plans to appeal. The Cubs and Bradley would be wise to not appeal, […]


Milton Bradley Punched An Umpire in the Face

Or so MLB would have you believe. Rumors are swirling that Bradley faces a suspension for “bumping” umpire Larry Vanover after his 3-2, bases loaded, totally not a strike, third strike call in Thursday’s loss to the Cardinals. No word yet, though, on what the punishment will be. Cubs manager Lou Piniella said the organization […]

Adam Wainwright is Kind of a Douche

Did anyone else see LOST this week, when Hurley commented to Miles that Dr. Pierre Chang – Miles’ father – was “a douche”? My friends and I looked at each other and said, whoa, did he just say “douche” on network TV? That’s awesome. And I guess it’s part of the general nomenclature now, so […]

Well That’s a Shame

Chris Carpenter just can’t catch a break. Cardinals ace Chris Carpenter underwent a magnetic resonance imaging on Thursday that confirmed the 2005 NL Cy Young Award winner sustained a torn left oblique muscle during Tuesday night’s start against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Carpenter will begin rehab next week, according to general manager John Mozeliak, who described Thursday’s […]


Aramis Ramirez is Sore

Chicago Cubs third baseman Aramis Ramirez’s status for today’s game against the St. Louis Cardinals is still a bit up in the air. He was definitely still feeling a twinge of something in his back as of yesterday, and we’ve gotten no clarity yet on when he’ll return. But Ramirez said there is no need […]

Chicago Cubs Fans Are Still Racist

After patting itself on the back regarding the reach of its first racism piece (noting that “Cubs officials expressed disappointment with the Sun-Times story” – see how far reaching it was!), the Sun-Times went back to the racism well this morning, re-upping its contention that the Cubs fans at Wrigley Field are uniquely racist. This […]

Chicago Cubs Fans Are Racist… Apparently

We’ve heard this meme before, and although I don’t want to believe it, I quite frankly don’t have enough experience at Wrigley Field to confirm or deny. The Sun-Times put together a long, painful piece tying Milton Bradley’s volatility to the allegedly racial taunts of Wrigley Field. Wrigley seems like the last place an African-American […]

God’s Wrathwatch: Soto and Ramirez Back Today, Bradley Back Whenever

In case you missed it, Geovany Soto (shoulder) and Aramis Ramirez (back) are expected back in the starting lineup today against the Rockies. Milton Bradley (tender, tender groin), on the other hand, isn’t expected back until the weekend. The Cubs are shooting for a weekend return for Milton Bradley, who suffered a mildly strained groin […]


New Ownerwatch: Not Getting Done Any Time Soon

Remember when the Ricketts family won the bidding for the Chicago Cubs and there was much joy? Remember when they were going to take over by Opening Day and there was much joy? Remember when Opening Day happened and the Tribune Company still owned the Cubs and there was much despondence? So the prevailing belief […]

The Cublogoverse is Going Corporate

There has always been an “old media” element of the Cublogoverse: the Tribune, the Sun-Times, the Daily Herald, etc. Without them – and more importantly, their access – the “new media” of the Cublogoverse wouldn’t work. So please understand, I appreciate the place of those entities – and of this one – in the structure […]

Oh Yeah, Aramis Ramirez is Hurt, Too

You may have noticed that the Cubs were without three regulars yesterday. In addition to catcher Geovany Soto and right fielder Milton Bradley, third baseman Aramis Ramirez sat out the contest with a sore back. And he says he’s been battling it for a little while. Super. “I played like that yesterday,” he said of […]

Milton Bradley is Fragile: Out for Three to Five Days

The Chicago Cubs have always been persnickety about sharing injury information, but with Milton Bradley a veritable treasure trove of injuries, they’re going to have to open up a bit more. After Bradley left Sunday’s game early with an unknown injury, it took a little while to get definitive word on the nature and extent […]

God’s Wrathwatch: Soto and Bradley Both Out Today

The Chicago Cubs open up a two game series against the Rockies at Wrigley Field today – weather permitting – and they’ll be without two big bats: catcher Geovany Soto and left fielder Milton Bradley. Soto, who has been out for almost a week now with right shoulder soreness, is getting better but still not […]

This is Just Sick

Completely and totally unacceptable and disgusting. A dead goat was found hanging on a statute of Harry Caray outside Wrigley Field early Monday on the North Side. A similar incident occurred in 2007, police said. About 2:40 a.m., police responded to a 911 call indicating a dead goat was hanging from a rope on the […]