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Month: April 2009

Koyie Hill is an Excellent Scapegoat

Although a confluence of many things led to the Cubs’ 9th inning loss to the Brewers yesterday, folks are really only focusing on but a couple things. One of which is the walk that closer (for now) Kevin Gregg issued to Chris Duffy in the 9th inning following a 3-2 slider that missed the zone, […]

Obsessive Harden Shoulderwatch: Velocity’s Back

Lost in the teeth-gnashing about yesterday’s frustrating late loss to the Brewers was a tremendously impressive performance by a guy the Chicago Cubs desperately need to be tremendous this year: Rich Harden. Harden, dogged by his torn shoulder and suspiciously low velocity, suffered through a terrifyingly poor Spring Training. We all reserved judgment, thinking, “It’s […]

Aw, Crud – Chris Carpenter is Back

For months, Chicago Cubs fans could soothe themselves with the belief that there was no way the St. Louis Cardinals could be good this year. After all, their rotation looked like a pile of garbage. Well, unless Chris Carpenter came back healthy and effective. But come on, his arm has been cut more times than […]


God Relents: Soto Likely to Avoid DL

Dear God, please make me a bird, so I can fly far, far away. Oh, and while you’re at it, please keep the Chicago Cubs healthy. The Cubs hope they have dodged a disabled-list move with All-Star catcher Geovany Soto after a precautionary MRI on Thursday revealed no structural damage in his inflamed right shoulder. […]

Milton Bradley Would Be a Good Defensive Outfielder, You Know, If…

There was a bit of a kerfuffle on Opening Day when Lou Piniella elected to replace Kosuke Fukudome in center field for a defensive sub – Joey Gathright – but then did not slide Fukudome over to right field to replace Milton Bradley. Fukudome was one of the best defensive right fielders in the National […]

God’s Wrathwatch: Soto Could Be Headed to DL

Chicago Cubs catcher Geovany Soto is headed to Chicago to see the team orthopedist (who needs a specialist, right?) about his aching right shoulder. The Cubs hope the injury will clear up by this weekend, but apparently Soto’s been dealing with it for a while. Soto said he first experienced a problem with the shoulder […]

The Cublogoverse is Confusingly Repetitive

Allow me to state at the outset that I am a Bruce Miles fan. He is more knowledgeable than most of the Chicago Cubs beat writers and he’s incredible accessible to fans. But that said, a couple recent publications on the Daily Herald are… strange.

2009 Chicago Cubs Minor League Rosters

The minor league rosters are now official, and without further ado… … … Ok. No more ado. Here they are: Iowa (AAA) Starting Pitchers: Jose Ascanio, Mitch Atkins, Esmalian Caridad, Jeff Samardzija, Randy Wells Relief Pitchers: Kevin Hart, J.R. Mathes, Greg Reinhard, Jeff Stevens, Jason Waddell, Justin Berg, Jessie Estrada, Chad Fox Catchers: Mark Johnson, […]

Soto Possibly Out Until This Weekend

Learn to love Koyie Hill. Expect Koyie Hill behind the plate Wednesday in the Cubs’ series finale vs. the Astros. Geovany Soto has a sore right shoulder, something he said he experienced in Spring Training, and could miss a couple days. Soto felt the discomfort when he threw to second in the third inning on […]

God’s Wrathwatch: Soto Leaves With Shoulder Injury

God clearly hates the Chicago Cubs. Chicago Cubs catcher Geovany Soto left tonight’s game against the Astros with right (throwing) shoulder soreness. Word is that he strained it while trying to throw out Kaz Matsui stealing second. We’ll update you as more details become available.


Obsessive Peavywatch: The Cubs Literally Almost Acquired Jake Peavy

We all know that the Chicago Cubs were pursuing a deal for Jake Peavy in the offseason. But we had been led to believe that the deal never got past the preliminary stages of negotiation – i.e., who would be included, and do the teams really want to get serious. Well, apparently it was serious. […]

Lou Piniella is Almost Certainly Gone After Next Year

Manager Lou Piniella is under contract with the Chicago Cubs through next season, 2010. By then, he’ll be 67. And it looks like he’ll be leaving the Cubs. The Yankees could have chosen any team to be their first opponent, but Yankees general partner Hal Steinbrenner wanted Piniella to be part of the opening festivities, […]

The Cubs Are Power Ranked

I don’t know why every ranking of Major League Baseball teams in the universe are called “power rankings” (because baseball involves power, I guess?), but they are. And the first two big ones have popped up for this season, ESPN and Yahoo. Phil Rogers put together a third, and decidedly lesser power ranking. Yahoo’s top […]

The Original Chinfuzz Calls it a Career

When the Chicago Cubs acquired Antonio Alfonseca and Matt Clement from the Florida Marlins in 2002, many fans (including me) saw it as the true turning point. It was the dawn of the modern, competitive Cubs. In that sense, Matt Clement will always hold a special place in the history of the Chicago Cubs. Oh, […]