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Month: May 2009

Mike Fontenot is a Third Baseman

For the balance of Aramis Ramirez’s absence, it appears Mike Fontenot will be the Chicago Cubs’ primary third baseman. “I think what you’re seeing is the way we’ll go,” manager Lou Piniella said of Saturday’s lineup, with Fontenot at third and Bobby Scales at second. Scales had been given a chance to try third as […]

The Cublogoverse is BOOOOOOOOO!

There was an excellent dialogue flying back and forth in the Cublogoverse a couple weeks ago (yes, yes, I’m late to the party) on the subject of booing. It’s actually consistently a hot topic in the Cubs world year in, year out. It must have something to do with the combination of increased expectations and […]

Obsessive New Ownerwatch: Actually, Maybe it Will Happen Soon?

Without getting into complicated finance stuff (that I don’t fully understand), the gist is that this past week, lending institutions got a whole lot less likely to be happy about doing long-term financing, especially at the very nice interest rates of a month ago. Folks in the know (read: not me) were afraid that this […]


Obsessive New Ownerwatch: MLB Peeved at Slow Pace

We’ve all accepted the fact that the Cubs sale is not going to be finalized any time soon. But it sounds like MLB is none too pleased about that fact. A highly placed MLB source said Wednesday that the slow pace has been due to the ongoing negotiations between Ricketts and Zell, as well as […]

Carlos Zambrano Suspended for Six Games, Won’t Appeal

Major League Baseball suspended Carlos Zambrano for six games for his outburst on Wednesday, culminating in a street beating of the dugout Gatorade machine. Zambrano does not plan to appeal the ruling and the suspension period begins with tonight’s game. The MLB statement said the suspension was for “inappropriate and violent actions” on and off […]


Ted Lilly is a Liar

Chicago Cubs pitcher Ted Lilly, one of 15 Chicago Cubs currently up for possible fine and suspension by MLB, is a big fat liar according to the MLB ump who tossed him on Monday (in a game Lilly was not starting). “He said I was embarrassing myself, so that’s why I threw him out,” he […]


Neil Cotts on His Way Out of Chicago?

Apparently there’s a theme today. Get on board. Left-hander Neal Cotts has just about worn out his welcome with manager Lou Piniella as the only left-hander in the Cubs’ bullpen. Jason Waddell, who signed as a free agent in November, could be called up to replace Cotts. Through Monday’s games, Waddell’s owns a 0-1 record […]

Jake Fox on His Way to Chicago?

Probably the hottest hitter in professional baseball, Jake Fox has been absurd with the bat so far this year for AAA Iowa. And given that his parent club has been an offensive disaster for two plus weeks, the call-up-Jake-Fox drum beat has grown ever more difficult to silence – regardless of his defensive shortcomings. Well, […]

Kevin Kouzmanoff on His Way to Chicago?

It was only a matter of time before the continued offensive struggles (the last two games against the Pirates aside) of the Chicago Cubs led to calls for a temporary replacement at third base while Aramis Ramirez is out. One guy possibly available is San Diego Padres third baseman Kevin Kouzmanoff. Though nothing firm has […]

Ted Lilly is Milton Bradley’s Hatchetman

Chicago Cubs pitcher Ted Lilly – one of the few bright spots over the past two weeks – got booted from last night’s game for arguing balls and strikes. Did I mention Lilly was not pitching last night? Lilly was apparently too vociferous in his complaint about a Jose Ascanio pitch to pinch-hitter Craig Monroe […]


The Unbearable Lightness of Keeping Patton

“In the sunset of dissolution, everything is illuminated by the aura of nostalgia, even the guillotine.” ~ The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Milan Kundera. Late last week, Chicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano was set to come back from the disabled list. This was great news for the team, but could be bad news for someone […]

Josh Vitters Has Gone Right Outside His Mind

Tired of thinking about the seven-straight-loss Cubs? Prefer to think about the mythical “future” that will some day be? Me, too. Enter top Chicago Cubs prospect, Josh Vitters. Josh Vitters smacked his seventh homer in nine games Sunday for low Single-A Peoria. Forget moving him up to Daytona: how about just bringing him right to […]

Ryan Theriot Inadvertently Sums Up the Cubs’ Offensive Slump

As I said before, the Chicago Cubs have scored just 3 runs in their last 45 innings. Such a streak could certainly be the product of once-in-a-decade bad luck, but more likely, it is a combination of controllable problems. Heck, maybe it begins as bad luck, and then a couple guys start pressing – you […]