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4 responses to “Carlos Zambrano’s Leg Muscle is All Busted and Stuff – Two Weeks Seems Optimistic”

  1. MB21

    From the descriptions I’ve read it sounds like it’s in between a grade 1 and 2 tear and closer to a grade 1. I have no idea though as I am not a doctor either. Lou has been rather honest with regards to injuries since he took over and Zambrano walked off the field with no help. He was up and moving around last night in the dugout. Soriano had a grade 2 tear and was helped off the field.

  2. Cardfan

    Allow me to quote the man himself (see 4/17/09 post)…

    “Well that’s a shame”…

    PS When does Denise Richard’s new album “Cubbie Luv” come out?