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Denise Richards is an Excellent Singer and Clearly Loves the Cubs

Cubs Humor

In case you missed it, or didn’t miss it and are currently trying to erase it from your memory, Denise Richards sang the 7th inning stretch on Friday.


And it was glorious.

Sure, it wasn’t of Jeff Gordon or Ozzy Osbourne proportions, but it was about as awful as watching Denise Richards gets if you fail to press the mute button. See for yourself.

h/t Sharapova’s Thigh, and Entertainment Weekly, actually.

Lest that be the last, pathetic, lingering image you have of Denise Richards for all of time as she fades into obscurity, we hook you up with a trip down memory lane after the jump – to a time when Denise Richards was hot. And silent. Oh so silent.

denise richards sexy bikini

Denise Richards topless

denise richards see through

Did you know that Denise Richards was the Jerry-poke-George-cleavage-in-the-area girl on Seinfeld? True story. Go Cubs.


Brett Taylor

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