Milton Bradley had his appeal of the two-game ump-bump suspension heard yesterday.

Bradley said no decision was announced during the nearly two-hour hearing, but he expected to hear something in the next two days. He started Wednesday night’s game at Houston, batting third in the order.

At best, one game will be shaved off the suspension.

The hearing was done by conference call with Bradley and a Cubs representative at Minute Maid Park. Also participating were Vanover and a representative from the umpires’ organization, plus officials from Major League Baseball. The tape of the incident was replayed.

“I watched the whole video for the first time [Wednesday],” Bradley said. “You can see when I walked around the catcher, there was no cursing on my part, not threats. [Vanover] took off his mask and walked toward me. You can actually see me stepping back. You’d need a forensic expert [to see a bump].

“I’m a 220-pound guy. If I bump into you, there’s going to be a reaction. I wasn’t happy about being tossed. It was my first at-bat at Wrigley. It was not what I wanted.

“In that situation, bases loaded, I wouldn’t walk away not swinging the bat. I think anybody watching it would say [the pitch] was not a strike.

“You’re going to get kicked out of the game every now and then anyway, and you’re going to be upset. Anybody is. This suspension and the steps that are being taken are pretty over the top.”

Look, I get that you (a) feel like the suspension was unwarranted, and (b) don’t want to continue to foster this kind of reputation.

But, dude, it was a two game suspension, handed out when you were sitting out games three at a time. Sometimes you’ve just got to say, screw my pride, I’m doing what’s best for the team, and ensuring that I don’t have to miss any more games than I have to.

Short of Bradley having the entire suspension erased, I will always bang this drum: it was a selfish, prideful, stupid thing to do.

  • DK

    Eh, I don’t blame him. I don’t think it’s a big deal.

  • DaveB

    Ace, while I understand with what youre saying, I have to agree that I don’t think its that big a deal.
    The fact of the matter is, there was no contact, it was just the ump trying to get Milton Bradley because he is Milton Bradley. There shouldn’t have been any suspension, and I think they will shave 1 game off of it after this hearing.
    Bradley has been starting a lot lately anyway, so hes due for an offday coming it. Its probably better that he get an offday sooner than later.

  • Ace

    All of that may be true – but it belies the fact that this could already be over with. Bradley sat out how many games while this appeal was looming? It’s a ridiculous pride thing – and, frankly, a money thing. Bradley knows that if he accepted the suspension, it’s “another” incident to add to his resume. If he fights it and wins, he can say he wasn’t suspended. However you want to spin it, it’s all about Bradley, and nothing about the team.