"Ha ha. Foolish Gathright. You were never meant to stay. Time for me to strike out again."

AAA Iowa starter Randy Wells is being called up today to take Carlos Zambrano’s spot in the rotation, but the decision on whom to send down to make room had not yet been made.

Most (and by most, I mean, I) assumed that Wells would simply replace the guy that was called up when Z went down: Bobby Scales.

But not so, it seems.

To make room on the roster for pitcher Randy Wells to start tonight, the Cubs plan to send speedy outfielder Joey Gathright to the minors this afternoon — if he accepts the assignment — when the waiver period on him expires, sources confirmed Thursday.

Gathright, who’s hitting .214 in 14 at-bats, has enough service time to refuse the assignment and become a free agent, but he would give up the remainder of his $800,000 salary. The Cubs have discussed the move with Gathright’s representatives the last two days after putting him on waivers. CHICAGO SUN-TIMES.

Bobby Scales would then remain on the roster.

Scales offers the Cubs a great deal more versatility than Gathright, though Gathright offers cheetah speed and ninja jumping ability. Ironically, this is something I was advocating before the season started. It never made sense to me to keep three back-up outfielders on the roster (I’m counting Micah Hoffpauir as a back-up outfielders – backing up first does not make you a back-up infielder) when there was only one back-up infielder.

Gathright seems like a nice guy and all, but if there’s any chance Scales can hit his weight, this is probably the right move. We’ll just have to see what Gathright does.

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