Look, I know you’re down about the Aramis Ramirez injury. So I’m here to help.

Enjoy Rick Ankiel repeatedly smashing his face into the outfield wall. Okay, well don’t enjoy it. That would be sick. Just watch it.

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  • Cardfan

    That catch + Wrigley = death.

    I wouldn’t show that video to Soriano too many times. He has enough of a problem catching the bunnies. Wouldn’t want to give him a complex about actually running one down towards the wall. Then he would be completely worthless. .271 avg and tied with Howard and Fats Fielder for Ks so far this season. $17M piece of garbage. Its guys like that who raise ticket prices and make me have to shell out $400 to see a baseball game with the family. At least our crappy defensive outfielder (Duncan) can turn out a higher average and RBI total so far this year for $825K.

    As for Ramirez – in typical Cubs fashion, he would have already had his good month and been ready for the nosedive. Might as well sit the slump out on the DL. (for reference , see the Fuko-dominator batting .125 in May)

    • Ace

      I don’t get it, Cardfan – one day, you’re cool, instructive, not full of hate. And then you post garbage like this. What’s the deal?

      • Cardfan

        I was a little pissed at the Ankiel loop.

        Full disclosure-
        I like the Cubs. I love the Cardinals. I love baseball more than any team or sport. I despise the Mets, Braves, Dodgers, and a recent addition to my list – the Brewers. Some of my best friends are Cubs loyalists and we enjoy going back and forth on the rivalry – with complete respect for each others loyalties. I happened on your site (thanks to your “Why the Cardinals will Suck” post) and thnk you do a great job and bring an interesting angle to following the Cubs. Frankly, I laugh my ass off on some of these posts and have made it a regular stop.

        Back to why I was pissed. I’m cool with the high-five on an injury to Carpenter or someone else – no big deal and completely understandable given the competitiveness. What I am not cool with, is somebody almost going Darryl Stingley on us – no matter who or what team. That shit is scarey. I am no Ankiel apologist, either. Butcher may have been kidding with that post, but this guy has not put up the offense since he was named last year. If he is/was dirty – get rid of him. You won’t see me defending any of these pricks that tries to put himself before the game.

        Your site, your call. Just glad that I don’t see a head hitting a wall over and over when I come calling anymore. You can tell me to go to hell, but I would encourage you to draw the editorial line slightly north of that.

        • Ace

          I understand, and I appreciate your well constructed thoughts. I disagree – and in that regard, I’d point to what I wrote before the picture – but I sincerely appreciate the feedback. Sites suck if it’s just a bunch of people who think alike and root for the same team.

          And for what it’s worth – if Ankiel had been seriously hurt, there’s no way in hell I would have posted that.

  • Butcher

    The HGH must have reinforced Rick’s spinal cord and prevented him from getting paralyzed there. Good for him.

  • DaveB

    Cardsfan, do you really have nothing better to do all day but to go on Cubs sites and talk shit?
    We understand you hate the Cubs. We understand that you probably hate the Cubs more than you like the Cards (just like White Sox fans), but why don’t you just stick to your own cardinal sites and boards?
    I have never gone to another teams site to talk shit, just seems pointless to me and I have better things to do with my time.

    • Cardfan

      Oh DaveyB, let go of your anger. I’ll get pissed sometimes (see above) and fly off the handle, but I don’t make stupid paranoid assumptions. In the short time we’ve known each other, you have referred to Cardinal fans as “trailor trash”, tried to convince yourself that I hate the Cubs more than Osama bin Laden, and, in effect, told me I should take my shovel and pail and get out of your sandbox.

      You’re bitter, dude. Now THAT’S pointless…

  • DK

    Saved by the bill of his hat…