Milwaukee Brewers manager Ken Macha is only a douche by association: he is the new manager of the Brewers, and the Brewers are a collective douche, thus, he is a douche. But that’s just a syllogism – it doesn’t mean that he, personally, is a douche.

Until now.

Ken Macha has started asking for an MLB inquest into Ryan Dempster’s errant curve ball, which flew high and tight on Ryan Braun this weekend. The pitch nicked Braun’s helmet or maybe his bat.

“The league frowns on people throwing at people’s heads,” Macha told reporters this morning. “I don’t know if Bob Watson has looked at it or not. But I don’t think that’s a good idea, throwing at people’s heads.” Hardball.

Macha does not want to carry this banner for too long for three reasons:

1.) It was obviously an accident. It was an off-speed pitch when Braun was squaring around to bunt. Going high and tight to an inexperienced bunter is baseball 101. And pitchers almost never try to hit a guy in the head with a curveball because there is a great deal less control (and less damage, if you really were a head-hunter).

2.) Macha’s efforts, if successful, would no doubt result into an inquiry into the obvious retaliation into the ribs of Ryan Theriot later in the game. Theriot wasn’t even able to start the next game.

3.) I promise you, Ken, if you push too hard, you’re just asking for someone to get plunked again.

Still unclear whether this will go anywhere. The Cubs are no friend of MLB disciplinarian Bob Watson, so it would not be a total shock to see a token suspension or fine come out of this. Sportscenter says MLB probably will look into this.

  • Hack

    Analysis only a homer could appreciate.

    • Ace

      Hmm, which response…

      a.) How deftly you’ve tapped into my readership.
      b.) Your name is appropriate.
      c.) Pithy observations that add nothing of substance are for idiots. Like me.

      • Looking up 2 Big Words in Dictionary not equal to Big Brains

        On response a: Right, I forgot how intellectually superior your readership is as evidenced by Phd candidate R.T. and his enlightening observation “God those boobs!’

        On response b: Could not agree more given the shoddy reasoning in this post. Your guy gets beaned and it becomes intentional because he gets hurt? Braun, an “inexperienced” 2008 MVP nominee and NL Player of the week showed bunt so that negates the intent of the pitcher? A manager should not be expected to defend his player? And when he does, cubs should retaliate? You’re 0-4.

        On response c: Pithy: brief, forceful, and meaningful in expression; full of vigor, substance, or meaning; terse; forcible

        Sure that’s what you meant? Since by definition a pithy observation is full of substance, I’m not sure. Unless of course, you were being self-fulfilling in misusing a word and then calling yourself an idiot.

        You may have meant response d: After being pwned by Braun and the Brewers, bleachernation decided to posts second rate material that reads like a whiny little child.

        • Ace

          You really should have stuck with the drive-by comment. I thought you were a douche, but I thought you might be a smart douche.

          To a.) by “readership,” I meant “Cubs fans.” Hence the homerism. Um. Duh.

          To b.) try reading – inexperienced BUNTER.

          To c.) your point was pithy, but failed to add anything to the discussion. I know what the word means, but I appreciate your mad Google skillz.

          To d.) you’re just a swell guy. And a winner.

          • Eric

            Braun is so damn cocky I can’t believe it. Honestly, sometimes he deserves to get brushed back so he checks himself. I’m a Brewers fan, and it sucks that we have to use ammunition to fire ourselves up. The Brew Crew needs to check itself before it takes on the big boys of this division. (Cubs and Cards). I like the Brewers, but I never hated the Cubs because our games make for a good rivalry even though the alltime series is (90-83 give or take a few wins or losses) is owned by the Cubs.

  • Acehole

    Oh thats sad, Ace gets some criticism and he gets all defensive. Typical cubs fan, wants to dish it but cant take it.

    At least you can rest assured I never had the impression that you bothered to research or reflect on your posts before spewing garbage into the internet.

    • Ace

      It’s “defensive” to respond to your points? Ok.

      How’s this for defensive: I’d love to know one thing in this post that lacks “research.”

      Oh, and psst: so far, MLB agrees with me.

      Now that’s defensive.

  • Butcher

    Quit spewing garbage into the Internet, Ace.

    • Ace

      What, am I just supposed to be silent then?

      • Cardfan

        Me thinks Butcher was being facetious.

        My unbiased analysis of this thread – game, set, match to Ace.
        Mr. Multiple Personalities from Milwaukee has only reinforced the original observation of the Brewers (and their fans) as a “collective douche”.

        I would also recommend that when “Hack/Looking up 2 words/Acehole” tries to make a sarcastic point about someone looking up words in the dictionary, that he avoid actually copying and pasting a definition in the body of his response. Kind of deadens the impact.

  • BT

    Hey acehole, I don’t mean to rain on your parade, but what exactly was the “criticism” that Ace couldn’t handle? Hack called him a homer, then misread his post, and you pretty much just acted like a douche. If anyone has an actual argument for Ace, I’d love to hear it, but you two mental midgets aren’t filling that bill.

  • baseballa

    As an unbiased baseball fan that loves to read the blogs and the comments,I am astounded that someone would attack Ace. He is very well respected around the baseball blog circuit and I find it appalling to have to read the uneducated responses of some ‘fans’.
    Its very true that some fan bases are smarter than others.
    Case in point is this article and thread.

    Like the infamous ‘Cap’ once said……….”just sayin’.”

  • Andy

    I simply cannot believe a writer for a Cubs fan site would write with an opinion biased towards the Cubs. Unheard of!

    Given the pitch in question was an errant curve ball and didn’t hit Braun, it still leaves you wondering what Macha’s intent is.

    • biggz

      To compete with LaRussa and Baker for biggest douchebag manager in the division?

  • Ace

    Hooray! I have friends!

    • Butcher

      Let’s not get carried away…

  • savant

    I will give him points for using Acehole, even though he used it incorrectly. Acehole is supposed to be used as a term of endearment. Look it up in your dictionary douche.

    • Ace

      Oh, I thought he did mean it endearingly…. :(

  • Mike

    This has got to be the stupidest sight I have ever been to. Just a bunch of Cubs fans trying to make themselves feel better because the “almighty cubs” haven’t fared as well as everyone thought. What are you guys now, in fourth place in the NL central. As far as Braun being cocky, I think the word you are looking for is confident. You cant tell me that if someone pegged you in the head (or near the head), and at you next at bat you homered against the guy, you wouldn’t be excited. If you had Braun you would be saying the same thing I am.

    • biggz

      I won’t speak for any other Cubs’ fan, but I wouldn’t be saying the same thing about Braun if he were a Cub. I would call him a cocky prick because I call them like I see them. I get pissed when Soriano waltzes down the first base line on fly balls that would be doubles if he’d put some hustle into it. I get pissed when Zambrano starts yelling on the mound and being a baby instead of using his emotion to get batters out. And I would certainly get pissed if Braun stared down the pitcher on a home run because he thought the pitcher was trying to bean him.

      Anyways, it’s a moot point because nothing is going to come of this.

      Oh, and for the record, at the present moment the Cubs are in 4th place…at 0.5 game out of 2nd and 1.5 games out of 1st. There is still a lot of baseball left to be played. Nice try, though.

      • Ace

        Yeah. What he said.

    • Butcher

      “Stupidest sight?” The irony…

      For future reference, “sight” has to do with your eyes. “Site” has to do with the Internet.

      Next time you call something/someone stupid, you might want to avoid making errors while doing so.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Mike

        Well, sorry “your majesty of spelling,” I guess I’m just not as smart as you cubs fans. At least Biggz can admit that some of your players are just as bad. I’ll give him credit for that. I guess I just don’t see the big deal about sticking it to a guy who almost takes your head off with a pitch. The problem I have is that you guys are making such a big deal about that, and about Macha sticking up for Braun. Of course he is going to stick up for Brauny, he is his manager. Baseball is an emotional game, and if someone tried to take me out (whether it be intentional or not) I would have probably done the same thing. I don’t see anyone getting all worked up about him almost pegging another player in the head. Whatever though, like Biggz said, nothing will come of this because it’s a divisional rival.