MLB reduced Milton Bradley’s two-game suspension to one game yesterday. He’ll serve the one game today. Oh, did I mention that he sat out yesterday’s game? So the difference is now completely meaningless? You know, if it wasn’t already given that he appealed while he was sitting out games anyway?

At least Bradley is contrite. Um. Not.

“It figures,” he said after MLB announced its decision regarding the April 16 incident. “I never get treated fairly. This is me. This is exactly what I expected.

“I’m Milton Bradley, you know what I’m saying? You expect me to be crazy and throw stuff and do whatever.” ESPN.

Gee, Milton. I can’t imagine why MLB would treat you any less well than other players. I mean, you accept punishment so honorably and don’t disparage MLB or umpires in the process. It’s just so hard to figure why you wouldn’t catch a break.


What a stupid little episode this whole thing has been. All I can say is this: next time, go ahead and to the “crazy and throw stuff” thing. At least then when you appeal the resulting week-long suspension, it will feel like the right thing to do.

Oh, and the freak out will be fun to watch. Uh oh, isn’t that what Bradley said the media would start to hope for? My bad.

  • DaveB

    Im just glad this can finally be over after today. I think the whole thing was blown way out of proportion (and there shouldnt have been a suspension in the first place).

    Milton is starting to come around and hit the ball the way hes suppose to. Im sure when he comes back tomorow he will continue to do that, and we all can forget about the beginning of his season

  • Ace

    As much as this has left a bad taste in my mouth, I can get on board with that, Dave.