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11 responses to “Series Preview: Cubs v. Cardinals, May 19 – May 21, 2009”

  1. Cardfan

    Ace –
    I’ll give it up – we sucked less in April, you suck less in May.

    The new Busch is NOT a craphole – although you could make a case for the old Busch. It had all the character of a prison yard.

    My wish list is small this week:
    #1 Carp pisses you off and keeps his ERA steady through the week.
    #2 You find someone other than the man-woman Crow to represent StL. I’ll leave it to someone who still lives in St. Louis to provide some leads – if only for the aesthetics of your site.

  2. The_Mick

    Hey man you have both Scales and Fontenot at third on the lineup. Oh ya and not complaining about our girl but any though on changin her up?

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  5. Steve

    I think it is hilarious that a flubs fan would call Busch a crap hole. Wrigley is the definition of eye sore. BTW, Marisa is hot and her knowledge of baseball is on par with the average flubs fan.