Maybe when Jake Peavy said he really wanted to come to Chicago if he were traded, he didn’t necessarily just mean the North Side.

The latest rumor, seemingly spread late Wednesday night, has Peavy coming to the Sox in a trade from the Padres for Aaron Poreda and other top prospects. Blogs.

A move for Peavy would make some sense for the White Sox and the Padres, but what about Peavy – who holds the no trade cards? Has he not said he wishes to remain in the National League?

Money is going to be the big issue with any potential Peavy-trade-lander, assuming they get past Peavy’s no-trade. How much will they take, and how much will the Padres eat. For that reason, it seems likely that there will be many rumors like this throughout the summer.

UPDATE: Word has it that Peavy has gone so far as to meet with manager Bud Black about whether he would approve a trade to the White Sox, so this has a little bit of legs, folks.

DOUBLE UPDATE: For those of you reading this and going, huh? I thought he was definitely traded… check the date. This is the article for when he was almost traded, but used his no-trade. The article you want for the ACTUAL trade is here. Enjoy.

  • pmayo

    Beside his (re)stated desire to stay in the NL, there’s a couple drawbacks on the White Sox’ side, too, I think:

    1.) Peavy’s $22MM option. I just don’t see notorious skinflint and serial colluder Jerry Reinsdorf picking up that option. But I’ve been wrong before.

    2.) The Padres would surely want a deal largely made up of ML players, because the White Sox’ farm system is barren. I’d say a package of Beckham, Danks, and Dye is where the Padres would start. And a deal like that doesn’t seem to benefit the White Sox much.

    • Tip

      Listen Pretty mayo and Pretty Toni, there is no way in h>ll the Sox would give up Beckham! This is the Chicago White Sox (2005 World Series Champions) not the FLUBS (1908 WS just got lucky, probably fixed, victory)
      Honestly the Schlubs should have won the World Series back to back the last two years, but of course they didn’t…hence the name: the FLUBS!

      • pmayo

        You could be right. Maybe by picking up that huge option, the White Sox can get Peavy without giving up Beckham.

        But Jake Peavy can’t play LF or CF, or hit leadoff. He enables the White Sox to dump Contreras, but he doesn’t rejuvenate the offense. Pitching isn’t the problem for the White Sox. Peavy might make the White Sox 1-2 wins better, but he fixes exactly none of their problems.

        • Ace

          Mayo is one smart dude.

          • pmayo

            I don’t know. I did just watch a team for whom I said pitching was not a problem give up 20 runs in a single game. LOL

            • Ace

              Mayo is one stupid dude.

              • Ace

                D’oh. This was supposed to be a reply up higher, where it would have been obvious as a joke, and not look like a jerkass comment.

  • Pretty Toney

    San Diego is not interested in MLB-ready talent. I would expect a package of Aaron Poreda and Gordon Beckham if this trade were to go down.

    • pmayo

      If the White Sox have to pick up the option and part with Poreda and Beckham, that’s a hefty price tag. And after giving that up, they still have and old, slow team.

      • Tip

        I can’t stand to say this, but I would have to say Getz would probably be part of this possible trade package.
        Also, buying out Jake’s contract would be appealing to the Padres.
        (PS: I think we should move Konerko now while he is hot and before he goes into the tank the 2nd half of this season.)

        • pmayo

          Padres have a better 1B than Konerko in Gonzalez, and A-Gon is also much cheaper. The Padres really pressured the Cubs for Vitters in the spring, and I’d be surprised to see the White Sox get away with not giving up one, if not two, of Getz, Poreda, and Beckham.

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  • Cardfan

    All BS – playing the media to up the ante in LA. SD doesn’t want to swallow any extra Peavy contract $$$ over the next several years and, given the market conditions, the offers they are entertaining are likely too low for their taste.

    Look for lots of “no comments” until this is done…

  • Chip Ramsey

    This is not a trade the Sox need to make. They would be much better served trading for a lead off man or a center fielder. I would say Poreda, Beckham Tyler Flowers or either Danks would be deal breakers.

    I would, if I were Kenny, part with BA, Josh Fields, Cole Armstrong, Jack Egbert, Wes Whistler, Adam Russell, Brett Lillibridge, Brandon Allen or John Shelby.

    I doubt the Pods are going to want Paulie, Jermaine, AJ or Thome. I think the Missile and Q are off the table. I would hesitate to trade Nix.

  • pmayo

    The Score just reported a deal “is in place, pending Peavy’s approval.”

    • Cardfan

      Imagine that, Peavy turned it down. They were very clear, however, that the Sox were willing to assume the entire contract. Very shrewd on the part of the Padres.

      Peavy does not want to pitch in the AL. He has stated one exception – the Angels. Must want to stay in SoCal. I could be wrong, but I would bet they have something in the works with the Dodgers where LA is not willing to assume the entire contract. The negotiations continue…

      • Ace

        It’s weird that the Angels would be his exception, because his agent keeps saying he wants to go to the Midwest or the East. And it’s not like it’s a free agency negotiation, so what’s the leverage in making that up?

        • Cardfan

          He wants to stay in San Diego. Unfortunately the ownership has committed to a AAA-quality franchise for the remainder of his career. Everyone wants to play for a winner. Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, St. Louis – was the list at the end of last year. The White Sox make no sense when looking through Peavy’s eyes. (not to mention going from Bud Black to Ozzie Guillen – talk about two ends of the spectrum)For the Padres, it is “any port in a storm” right now. All they see is over $10M a year to make them a 65 win team vs. a 55 win team.

          Here is a recent blurb on the willingness to consider one AL team.

          Peavy turns down trade to White Sox
          By Tom Krasovic, Union-Tribune Staff Writer
          May 21, 2009
          …”Peavy, who obtained full no-trade powers as part of the $52 million extension the Padres gave him in December 2007, said at the end of last season he would not OK a trade to an American League team. His agent, Barry Axelrod, amended that by saying the Angels, who are based in Anaheim, might be given extra consideration and that Peavy isn’t totally opposed to leaving the NL.”

          PS. Thanks for waking up our pitching staff!