Another game, another pathetic offensive performance. Hmm, how to be witty in the face of this…


  • Fan4Life

    Was at the game last night. BEGs to question, when will Sweet Lou pull Soriano? Okay.. I admit myself that was a bit drastic at first thought, but WE PUT UP ZERO RUNS. His lazy play allowed fleet footed Blanco to trip and still leg out a triple. Going 0 for 4 with 3 Ks doesn’t help. I suggest putting Theriot at lead-off and batting Soriano 2nd until we get Ramirez off the DL. Talk amongst yourselves….

    • DaveB

      I just read your comment on the Cubs site, and I have to disagree.
      Although Sori does piss me off sometimes, he is NOT the reason that the team is playing this way right now.
      First off, he wasn’t 0-4 last night so get your facts straight.
      Second, I think its wrong of you to boo him. He has 12 homers and 25 RBI, he is basically the ONLY guy who has produced this season (outside of ARAM, who hasnt been able to stay on the field while Sori has).

      • DaveB

        Boo D Lee or boo Bradleyi or boo Soto, but i think its wrong to boo Sori because if we didnt have him this season we would probably be worse than the Nationals right now. Sori basically carried this team earlier on and got us a lot of wins. Hes not as hot right now so the tema is losing because there is nobody else stepping up, but if you knew anything about Soriano you’d know hes a streaky guy, and as soon as he catches fire again he’s capable of carrying this team alone.

        I go to school in SD and I just flew back to Chicago for the summer yesterday. At first I was so pissed that I was missing this series because I would have been there for all 3, but the way they’re playing right now atleast I spared myself some embarrasment.

  • Ace

    I can’t think of a Cub that is currently off-boo-limits right now. Boo them all.

    • biggz

      Bobby Fucking Scales is unbooable.