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8 responses to “The Cublogoverse is BOOOOOOOOO!”

  1. Zoner

    Great stuff as usual. I boo, mostly in response to lack of hustle. And Cardinals.

  2. Stormin Norman Disciple

    I agree completely! There has to be some sense of accountability and on top of that the only way we can express displeasure, or approval, is by booing or cheering!

  3. MB21

    That’s not true, Norman. Think about it. Do you honestly think the Cubs care if you pay for a ticket, buy drinks and merchandise and then boo? They’ll take your money every day and let you boo. They couldn’t care less since you’ve paid them money. They’re laughing all the way to the bank. The only real way to show your displeasure is not buy tickets, not purchase any merchandise and not watch the games. That would actually hurt the Cubs in a way they might care about. I can’t stand booing as you know, but if you want to pay me $50 to come into my place of employment and heckle me and and boo me every day, I’ll gladly take your money, and your abuse.

    You want to boo someone who isn’t trying, fine. I don’t like it, but it’s at least understandable. The only problem is that we really can’t tell when someone is trying or not. If Soriano jogged after a fly ball we might think he’s not trying, but then we might find out he has a sore knee and has played through it for a month and rather than be subjected to abuse, we might praise the guy for playing through pain. Simply put, as a fan we have no way of knowing what is actually going on down on the field when it comes to effort. We don’t have enough information. What we do know is that MLB players bust their ass more than the average person and in more ways than the average person just to get there and to stay at that level. That we know for a fact. We know for a fact that they all bust their ass and in reality, work harder than any of us in perfecting their craft. What happens in an individual game we don’t know why it happened and unless we know why it happened it’s kind of silly to boo, don’t you think?

    You may think you’re booing someone who isn’t trying, but as I already pointed out with Soriano, we didn’t know the whole story and despite not knowing it, he’s showed little sign of it. He’s busted his ass in ways that the average person simply could not do. and you know what? He’ll get repaid for that by fans booing the next time he fucks up.

    What annoys me most of all about booing isn’t that it’s ridiculing or abusing the players. It’s that I have a reasonable expectation of going to the ballpark with my family and being able to enjoy the game. i don’t ask for much. I’m not asking for anything other than the people around me to consider that I may find that behavior atrocious. Unfortunately, I no longer have the reasonable expectation that will happen. I can now reasonably expect the fans around me to be complete assholes and not care at all about me. It’s selfish. It’s rude. It’s annoying. It’s childish. And a whole lot more. Most of all, I can no longer go to a game because people feel they must pay lots of money to a team and then show their displeasure in the way that has the least amount of impact.

    You may feel as though I went too far as you said in your response, but it was you who went too far. It was you who disregarded how others feel about obnoxious behavior. It was you who then justified those childish actions. It was your selfish actions that makes me think two or three times about actually going to a game. It was your actions that have made me not attend a game in Chicago in 8 years (I go elsewhere to watch the Cubs because of you). It was you who told me flat out that you didn’t care if you ruined the experience for me and others around you. You’re like the person at the movies who keeps talking. you don’t care about the people around you. I didn’t feel as though I owed you an ounce of respect at that point. You’re the one who has to look in the mirror and justify childish, obnoxious and unruly behavior. You’re the one who said Fuck You to me.

    I simply pointed out how much it irritated me that someone would have no disregard for others around them.

    1. Eric

      MB21, it’s time to become a Sox fan. i’ve always complained how obnoxious Cubs fans are. If i wanted to watch a game at a bar, I’d go to a bar.

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