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Month: May 2009

Denise Richards is an Excellent Singer and Clearly Loves the Cubs

In case you missed it, or didn’t miss it and are currently trying to erase it from your memory, Denise Richards sang the 7th inning stretch on Friday. And it was glorious. Sure, it wasn’t of Jeff Gordon or Ozzy Osbourne proportions, but it was about as awful as watching Denise Richards gets if you […]

Cubs Place Zambrano on Disabled List, I Place Hot Poker in My Ear

It is barely May, and the Chicago Cubs have already seen Derrek Lee, Aramis Ramirez, Milton Bradley, Geovany Soto, and now Carlos Zambrano miss significant time. It’s a g-d miracle this team is above .500. Carlos Zambrano was placed on the 15-day disabled list with a Grade 2 left hamstring strain. Infielder Bobby Scales was […]


God’s Wrathwatch: Zambrano Had MRI, Probably Going to Miss Next Start

The 2009 Chicago Cubs can’t catch a break – unless that break is in a tibia. Pitcher Carlos Zambrano left yesterday’s game with a strained hamstring after legging out a bunt, and reportedly had an MRI late last night. The results have not yet been released, but manager Lou Piniella has already said that Zambrano […]

Ryan Theriot … has … the … POWER!!!

In honor of Ryan Theriot’s power surge, we present a humorous photo from the Cubs Brickyard. Though, if he keeps hitting bombs, the photo will become less humorous and more suspicious. In fact, the article from which the photo comes is starting to look prescient. Ryan Theriot is one home run shy of tying his […]


A Brief Word on Why Bleacher Nation Does Not Do Game Recaps

Aside from the tedium of writing the same game recap that every single news publication and every other blog writes, we don’t do recaps here at Bleacher Nation in no small part so that I don’t have to come up with ridiculous titles like this: For Cubs and Lilly, day is a real dilly :: […]

The Cublogoverse Chicago Cubs Prospect Poll: May

It’s time for the second month of the Cublogoverse Chicago Cubs Prospect Poll. With the help of some of your favorite other Cubs blogs, we’ve put together a poll – not unlike a college football or college basketball poll – ranking the top Chicago Cubs prospects. With several blogs in tow for the poll, it […]

Phil Rogers Hates Jim Hendry

Phil Rogers, as a knighted member of the Cublogoverse owes us more. Rogers recently wrote a veiled critique of all things Jim Hendry. The gist of the opus is that the Cubs’ moves this offseason have not worked out well (that’s actually a fair point – obvious, easy, effortless, but fair). The lack of depth, […]

The Cubs May Stink, But At Least Aramis Ramirez May Be Back Soon

I guess one could argue the two are related – the Cubs need offense (oh, and pitching, bullpen pitching, situational hitting, etc…), and Aramis Ramirez may be the Cubs best/most consistently good hitter. Fortunately for the Cubs, Ramirez will not be placed on the disabled list (for now) with his strained calf, and could thus […]