The Cubs have gone through makeshift utility players this year like tissue paper (notice I didn’t say “Kleenex,” no suing me!). So why not another?

According to a tweet by’s Noah Coslov, the White Sox will designate infielder Wilson Betemit for assignment before Thursday’s game and call up top prospect Gordon Beckham…. Betemit hit just .200/.280/.310 in 50 plate appearances this season after being acquired in exchange for Nick Swisher over the winter.

To be clear: Betemit hasn’t hit particularly well either of the last two years. But before that, he was pretty ok. And he’s only 27.

More importantly, the guy can play *everywhere.* He won’t win gold gloves anywhere, but he’s more than serviceable. He’s like Ryan Freel with more upside.

Even with Freel and Aaron Miles due back from the DL, and Bobby Scales and Andres Blanco doing all they can, you’ve got to believe the Cubs are kicking the tires on Betemit. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to learn that the Cubs make a deal for him soon, and at the very least, they’ll consider signing him if he’s ultimately released.

  • bparrish793

    They should go after Betemit. Trade Miles for whatever you can get for him.(and i do mean ANYTHING) Option Scales, trade Freel, and hold on to Blanco.

    • Ace

      Just curious why you’d prefer to hang onto Blanco over the others?

  • bparrish793

    I think he’s a fine backup at 2nd and SS. I really do like Scales, but I don’t think he’s the answer right now. The only reason I would even consider keeping Freel is because of his versatility, but Miles just has done nothing to prove he is worth keeping.

    • Ace

      Yup. Except sign a two-year contract. Ugh.

  • KB

    Well, at least we’re reaching for the stars.
    So, he’s got a 590 OPS, eh? Cool.

    Then again, Ballgame sucked in San Diego, yet came alive in a Cub uni. Betemit can’t be worse than Freel. Do it.

    • Ace

      And Betemit has a history of being a better hitter than that. We’re just talking about a back-up, after all.