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8 responses to “Ozzie Guillen Hates Wrigley Field”

  1. Nate

    Hey everybody….
    It is now June 17th. The Cubs are going nowhere but down. Remember what I wrote this past April? (Check out the “Vizcaino gets DFA” article and posts.) The management tore apart last year’s team. But yet naive Cub fans pack Wrigley Field and keep giving the owners more and more money. I also said that Wriglel Field is horrible and the common denominator of losing for 100 years. And Ozzie Guillen agrees. Konerko said he doesn’t like Wrigley Field either. It’s a junior high clubhouse with horrible facilities.
    Might as well start trading these almost mid 30 year old former superstars now. Lee, Soriano, etc. Because next year will be even worse. I never understood why you would sign Soriano to an 8 year contract when he was 30 years old? You’re done in baseball at 33, 34. Unless you are a rare player, which Soriano and Lee are not.
    Why not keep Edmonds? Blanco? Wood? Derosa? Marquis? Instead hendry gets Gathright, who already got cut, Miles, who sucks. Gregg. who sucks. Freel. who sucks. Hill. who sucks. And now we have rookies threatening to take over the outfield. Cubs fans are complete suckers for paying for those outrageous tickets. I went to the Braves/Cubs game in Atlanta when Wells lost his no hitter. I got two tickets for 14 dollars, sat in the outfield and had a great time. 7 dollars a piece. Teams make money off of TV and other revenues, the tickets are just bonus money. But Cubs fans don’t realize this.
    When the White Sox lost in the playoffs last year, did they get rid of Konerko, Thome, Dye, etc? NO. They kept the team together. Shoot, they still have about 10 guys from the World Series team from 2005.
    See the light yet anyone???? This has been happening for 100 YEARS!!!!!!!

  2. MICK

    If chemistry is an issue at all I think the only thing that it could effect is performance in the clutch. And we basically had the same “language barrier’ in the OF last year as we did this year. The only reason i didnt want to see Edmonds go was because i could rub it in to Card fans. I just dont get that same feeling with Miles, for obvious reasons lol. Could it just be the pressure of living up to the standard they set last year? And a roster with veterans and young talent doesnt sound bat at all to me.