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6 responses to “Probably Fake List of the 2003 Steroid Positive Tests Leaked by Person Who Clearly Hates the Cubs”

  1. Aisle 424

    No one on that list would surprise me in the slightest. Lee is probably the biggest raised eyebrow since his power surge occurred after the testing went into place, but I can’t deem anyone clean.

    The other surprise would be Alfonseca because I have to wonder how much he would have sucked without steroids.

  2. bparrish793

    Are these in any certain order? Any reason why is Nomar #1?

  3. Seth

    No way in hell this list is true. I’d list all the reasons why here, but I just wrote a story on it. Basically, there are the wrong number of players, too many stars, and just a bunch of other reasons. It’s someone just trying to stir stuff up.