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Month: June 2009

Cubs Can’t Add Payroll, But That Doesn’t Mean They Won’t Deal

A few days ago, Chicago Cubs General Manager Jim Hendry revealed the disappointing, albeit unsurprising news: the Cubs’ payroll for this year (and beyond?) is maxed out. But apparently that isn’t stopping Hendry from working the phones. Jim Hendry is working the prospective trade markets as hard as he does every year and is said […]

Obsessive Ramirez Dislocationwatch: Starting to Hit

If there was ever a time that the Chicago Cubs needed good news about third baseman Aramis Ramirez, that time is now. Cubs third baseman Aramis Ramirez, on the disabled list with a dislocated left shoulder, stepped up his hitting and began taking soft toss on Wednesday, and if all goes well, will start batting […]


Cubs Are Still Scouting Pedro Martinez, Unlikely to Sign Him

After last week’s bizarre revelation that the Chicago Cubs were just one of two teams in serious pursuit of starting pitcher Pedro Martinez, it was only a matter of time before Pedro started claiming he was close to signing, and the Cubs started denying they were close to signing. Cue it up. The Cubs haven’t […]

Report: Several Issues Could Derail Sale of Cubs

The drama that is the sale of the Chicago Cubs is eclipsed only by the drama that is the pathetic Cubs offense. A new report from CNBC claims that there are significant hurdles remaining to complete the sale of the Chicago Cubs to billionaire Tom Ricketts, and Ricketts has been informed that those hurdles come […]

Ozzie Guillen Hates Wrigley Field

Whatever, Ozzie. “But one thing about Wrigley Field, I puke every time I go there,” Guillen said Sunday morning. “That’s just to be honest. And if Cub fans don’t like the way I talk about Wrigley Field, it’s just Wrigley Field. I don’t say anything about the fans or anything now. But Wrigley Field, they […]

Jake Fox is Back, Jason Waddell is DL’d

The Chicago Cubs have recalled hitter supreme Jake Fox from AAA Iowa, less than two weeks after sending him down. Fox is likely to see starting action when the Cubs play interleague games in the AL stadiums later this month – you know, so he can DH. In a corresponding move, and as I predicted, […]

College Football at Wrigley, Coming Soon

An interested aside for those of you who are college football fans. There’s a chance a game or two might be played at Wrigley Field as soon as next year. The Wildcats and the Illini last met at the home of the Cubs in 1923. The following year, Soldier Field opened in downtown Chicago. Northwestern […]

Cubs Stick With Absurd Number of Pitchers For Now

When Rich Harden returned from the disabled list this weekend, the Chicago Cubs sent down an infielder, despite the fact that the team already had 12 pitchers (more than the typical 11). Well, it wasn’t a completely temporary thing. Lou Piniella says it’s going to stay that way for a little while. ”The big reason […]

Ryan Freel Should Be Back Soon

Well, it’s not quite Aramis Ramirez, but it will have to do for now. Ryan Freel is supposed to begin his minor-league rehab tonight for Class AAA Iowa. Freel has been on the DL since May 28 with a left-hamstring strain. It’ll be interesting to see what the Cubs do when Freel is ready. They’ve […]


Obsessive Peavywatch: Stop Obsessing

It’s over. It hasn’t been a legitimate or necessary or even wise dream for quite some time, but a dream still it was. This weekend, San Diego Padres ace Jake Peavy stopped being able to play through the pain of an ankle injury, and it turns out he’s going to be out much longer than […]

Bad News: Cubs Can’t Add Payroll This Year

If you were paying attention to the Jake Peavy sweepstakes this year, you probably already figured this: due to the ownership change, the terrible economy, and the already hefty payroll, the Chicago Cubs won’t be able to add payroll in-season this year. Cubs general manager Jim Hendry conceded this truth yesterday. ”It’s challenging,” he said. […]

Derrek Lee to the Giants?

Obviously it’s not time for the Cubs to go into sell mode, but as a .500 team buried in the N.L. Central, it isn’t shocking that the sell-type rumors are starting to swirl. Could Derrek Lee be the hitter the Giants need? Sabean at least ought to see whether Chicago Cubs GM Jim Hendry would […]

Cubs Scapegoat, Fire Gerald Perry

The Chicago Cubs’ offensive woes were apparently all the fault of hitting coach Gerald Perry. That’s why they dumped him. As Cub players were taking batting practice Sunday morning, hitting coach Gerald Perry was called off the field and fired. He will be replaced by Von Joshua, the Triple A hitting coach at Iowa. “Obviously, […]

The Cubs World Series Chances Are Diminishing, But Still Surprisingly High

When the 2009 season started, the Chicago Cubs were the prohibitive favorite to win the National League Central, and were a strong favorite to represent the Senior Circuit in the World Series. Only Cubs fans knew better. Wherever you looked, pre-season, to find World Series odds, you would note the Cubs occupying the third spot […]