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Ballplayers Hate Lou Piniella, Ozzie Guillen

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Apparently Lou Piniella isn’t just unpopular in Cubs fans circles these days.


In a survey of 380 Major League players, 26 percent said they did not want to play for Lou Piniella and 21 percent said they did not want to play for Ozzie Guillen. The results will be published in this week’s Sports Illustrated. Muskat Ramblings.

That makes Lou Piniella the most unpopular manager for players in all of baseball, and Ozzie Guillen is second. Both are actually a surprise to me, as I had always believed that the two were well-liked by those who played for them. But maybe you only hear that from players who currently play with them. Maybe Piniella really is a grousy old coot, and Ozzie really is a douche.

The saving grace for the survey: Tony LaRussa finished third.


Brett Taylor

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