Now, if I weren’t on my positivity kick, I would point out that, despite the win, given that the Cubs managed just four runs and stranded a billion runners, the win was lucky. But since I’m all positive now, hooray! Series win!*

*against the Pirates.


  • Lok

    I didn’t get a chance to watch this game, but did Fuld have a career (to this point) game or what? From the stats he was on base 3/4 times, drew a walk (gasp!) and had an OF assist! Nice game Sam!

    Ace, nice asterisk there!*

    *this opinion may not be used or rebroadcast without the owners or MLB’s express written consent 😉

    • Ace

      Sam was dominant for sure. There were some who thought he was going to be an older break-out type (a la Theriot) in 2007, but it never came to pass. Who knows if it would click now, but I don’t see how he’ll get a real chance.