The Chicago Cubs will part with High A Daytona reliever Al Alburquerque in the deal for Colorado Rockies utility man Jeff Baker says

This is a devastating, devastating blow to the Cubs organization. No, not because Alburquerque sports an excellent 2.08 ERA this year (come on, he’s 23 in High A – it’s not *that* impressive).

The blow is because it is yet ANOTHER beautiful, wonderful name exiting the Cubs. For an organization that has waved goodbye to Buck Coats, Rocky Cherry, and Rocky Roquet, certainly they must realize that these names don’t just grow on trees. And now… Al Alburquerque? I don’t really know how this team will survive.

Thank God for Milton Bradley.

  • KB

    The new “Hendry special” (Jeff Baker) is of less worth to Cub fans than Al would be. And all Al has going for him is his name.

    • Scarey

      Yeah… his name and his 10.2 K/9 including 11.4 k/p this year.

      • Ace

        He’s old for his level. Or something. :)