Outfielder Reed Johnson is coming back from a back injury, and he’ll be starting a rehab assignment today in Peoria – along with Aramis Ramirez. He’s expected to play three games there, and be ready to come back on Monday – along with Aramis Ramirez.

Which means the Cubs will have some serious decisions to make on Monday – not to mention when reliever Angel Guzman comes back shortly thereafter.

Do the Cubs send Jake Fox down, despite his hot bat? Do they send out Andres Blanco, despite his hot glove? Can Sam Fuld survive Reed Johnson’s return?

What makes the most sense is to send out Andres Blanco now that Jeff Baker has arrived, and send out a pitcher like Kevin Hart – or make up an injury for Rule V pick David Patton, who will have been on the roster for 90 days by then. That takes the Cubs down to 11 pitcher, something they desperately need to do given the offensive struggles.

Oh, and then Aaron Miles will be ready to return at some point. But I’m just not ready to think about that yet.

  • Lok

    As much as I’m impressed w/ Fuld’s poise and recent success, Reed has proven he’s a gamer and I look forward to seeing him back in the line up. As for Fox, the jury’s still out. I know he looks decent now, but all it takes is a little video for teams to find the hole(s) in his swing, should there be any, and he’ll be another Soriano (albeit, MUCH less expensive). I’d like to see Fox over Miles though, any day of the week….

    • Ace

      Yup. Miles is the real unfortunate part of all of this.