Former CHIPS and Surreal Life star – can we say “star” for those? – Erik Estrada sang the 7th inning stretch for the Chicago Cubs game last night, after which he offers up the most uncomfortable interview ever (below). Not only does he lavish praise on Ron Jeremy’s manhood near the end of the interview, but also – in an effort to raise awareness about how children are taken advantage of – Estrada notes that he has “seen [his] share of child pornography.” Um. Yikes. Skip to 1:40 to hear the bizarre discussion.

Bob Brenly remains silent throughout. Poor Len Kasper.

h/t to our good friends at The Friendly Blogfines.

  • Aisle 424

    The beginning where he takes a kid out of the stands to touch the field and he says “Feel it, get down and feel it.” was awkward enough and THEN he started talking about child pornography and the whole thing went off the rails.

    You really do have to feel sorry for these guys (on TV and radio) who have to do these BS interviews with people they could care less about.

    • Ace

      Seriously. I could not come up with two minutes of material to discuss with Estrada. Well, at least not until he made his unfortunate comments.

  • John

    You know, I had two thoughts watching this last night.

    1. I cannot wait to blog about this

    2. I cannot wait to read the blogs of others regarding this

    I wish that all guest conductors were as entertainingly bizarre. I’ll book Estrada over that bland son of a bitch Belushi any day.

    • Ace

      Ha, good point.

  • Michael

    I think it’s very nice that Mr. Estrada had nice gifts to give to that child. I think he even mentioned something about kids getting nice gifts from strangers.

    • Ace

      Not going to make the joke that is running through my head.