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5 responses to “Chicago Cubs: Dumping Players, and the Measure of Regret”

  1. Colneck

    Don’t forget The Bako, the immortal.

  2. K.C.

    I agree a little bit on the DeRosa thing. The rest of them I didnt really mind losing. There was no spot for them. For DeRosa we recieved 3 good prospects. I think Stevens is going to help us in the pen this year or next. We got 2 other guys, one by the name of Gaub who is sitting in AAA ball and doing great. His ERA is below 3 and has 40 some strike-outs in 28 innings. The other guy is Chris Archer who is only 20 years old has 85 strike-outs in 66 innings with an ERA of 2.30. He is killing in Peoria. I think 3-4 years down the line the Cubs will look at this trade and be great with it, and glad they made it.

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