The Cardinals are unfortunately legitimate contenders in the Roy Halladay sweepstakes – their GM was recently quoted as saying the team would give up “an arm or a leg” to get him (do they have both in their system?). Adding to that, Halladay, who has full no-trade protection, has intimated that he’d probably accept a trade to St. Louis.

“Everybody raves about it here [in St. Louis],” Halladay said about four hours before Tuesday night’s start. “I know how [former teammate Chris Carpenter] feels and how much he loves it. That’s from conversations we’ve had in the past. We haven’t really discussed it recently.”

. . .

Pressed on St. Louis as a potential destination, Halladay said, “I just hate to say. I really do. It’s not because I don’t want to go to a certain place. Out of respect to Toronto, I’d just as soon not put the cart before the horse. It’s just kind of a tough situation.”

I guess those quotes are a little more tepid than I thought on first blush. Of course, given that Halladay has said he believes a trade possibility is only a 50/50 proposition, he’s not going to come out and say he wants to be somewhere else.

You don’t need me to tell you that a Halladay-to-Cardinals trade would significantly dampen the Chicago Cubs’ playoff hopes.

  • Dylan Johnson

    Roy Halladay to the Cardinals would made them the team to beat in the central division. He would help them make another run to the world series. I hope he makes his way to St.Louis.

    • Ace

      I agree. If he came to the Cards, and the Cards didn’t have a ridiculous rash of injuries, I don’t see how any team beats them in the Central.

  • Dave Wiseman

    PLEASE OH PLEASE GET HALLADAY. Holliday and Halladay, to quote a Terry Tate office linebacker video, Im not playing name games up in here. He would give them the push to win the Series. No joke, not even Lee to Philli could stop the Cards. GET HIM baby. Give up Glaus, although I love him, he has a huge salary. Could also give them Wellenmeyer, and throw in Lohse. Pull up another guy from the minors and struggle with him, but to have 4 solid starts from Carpenter, Wainwright, Pinero, and Halladay. Forgetabout it. That leaves an opponent with one game they could possibly win.