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6 responses to “Aramis Ramirez is Still Hurting”

  1. DaveB

    If ARam really is hurting this much, than he shouldn’t be playing. Like he said he’d need to take another month or so to be closer to 100%, and the Cubs should have let him do that.
    I’d much rather give him one more month now and then have him stronger for the last 2 months than to have him play hurt now and A.) not be as productive as well as B.) risk further injury.
    Jake Fox just started to come around before ARam came off the DL. You gotta believe that if they gave ARam more time, Fox could have started to carry the load at 3B (he should have had the opportunity from the very beginning when ARam went down)

    1. Scarey

      Hey Douchey McDoucherson, that title is very misleading. The only person saying he’s actually hurting is you and that’s based off of your observation of him swinging. Not saying you’re wrong and that he’s not hurting, but you need to be careful about titles like that especially given there’s nobody quoted saying Ramirez is hurting.

      Just wanted to drop by and remind you how much of a douche you are.

      Your friend,

      1. Scarey

        The above reply was meant for Ace, not DaveB.


  2. DaveB

    Well looks like ARam pulled a fast one on us with all the “I cant try to hit a homerun because it aint gona happen”. Hopefully Lou will rest him adequately the rest of the way and his shoulder will get stronger as he plays more (but easy on the wear and tear)