Yeah, so this was probably obvious to you given the fact that Kevin Hart was recalled in advance of today’s game to start against the Nationals, but the Cubs had to make a corresponding roster move – and that move was to send .368-hitting outfield Sam Fuld back to AAA Iowa.

Not a total shock, but it does mark the Cubs’ disappointing return to 12 pitchers, which we speculated would happen soon after the All-Star break. It is possible that once Ryan Dempster returns, the Cubs will feel confident enough in the ability of the starters to go deep that seven in the bullpen will be unnecessary, but it’s unlikely. It’s just the way Lou Piniella likes to role with this Cubs team.

  • Aisle 424

    Plus, if Soriano is starting to hit at all, Fuld isn’t going to see many at-bats. Might as well keep him getting regular ABs in AAA and have him at his most useful come September.

    • Ace

      Sure. Though, if it comes down to Hoffpauir or Fuld, wouldn’t you at least consider keeping Fuld?

      • Clapp

        I think they made the right call. Hoffpauir’s played a fine left field and right field, and there’s 2 players ahead of Fuld in center(Fukudome and Reed).

        Additionally, they could use those 12 pitches for the time being with how much the bullpen was used the last few games. Over the long haul I’m not a fan of it though.

        • Lok

          Yeah, but don’t forget, Micah’s hitting in the ~.230 area, isn’t a native outfielder, and Lee’s bat seems to be getting a tad more reliable. I like Hoffpauir, but I like Fuld too. If it were up to me, I’d send Milton down :)