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3 responses to “A Ramirez Return Worth Cheering For”

  1. Jen

    I don’t think you’re being melodramatic at all Ace, or if you are – I’m with you, I was outraged at his “welcome home, you courageous soldier” reception. (Once I got over the initial shock that Dodgers fans were at the game in the first inning, of course.)

    Jake Peavy had some interesting comments on the subject as well – if you don’t mind me sharing a skosh: “I think it’s sad how celebratory an event this is. Everywhere this guy’s been the last 10 days it’s been a big celebration. You’re watching 10-year-old kids condoning it.The man did something wrong. He cheated the game of baseball, he cheated his peers who play the game, he cheated his teammates. He took an illegal substance. You see some guys being persecuted for that. And this is a celebrated event.”

  2. Scarey

    Great write up. I feel the exact same way. This statement especially echoed my sentiments.

    “I now thank God the Cubs didn’t win it all while Sammy was still with the Cubs.”

    Plenty of Cubs fans look at me funny when I express this sentiment. If I was a Red Sox fan, I would feel like their WS titles were cheapened.