I bring this rumor to you with a huge grain of salt: it comes from Bleacher Report, aka the land where any yahoo who wishes to write something up, can. For whatever reason, it has most-favored nation status with Google, despite a lack of control, grammar, or useful content in general. Not that I’m bitter.

But hey, it’s a Chicago Cubs rumor, and we’ve promised to bring you even lukewarm rumors, so here you go.

Reports late Sunday are that the Chicago Cubs are among a handful of teams in contact with the Baltimore Orioles regarding a potential trade for closer George Sherrill.

Sherrill, 32, currently has 20 saves and a 2.35 ERA, while striking out 35 and walking just 12 in 38.1 innings pitched. Bleacher Report.

You will recall, Jim Hendry has made numerous overtures directed at George Sherrill before, so in that regard, this could have some veracity. Then again, it would be very, very easy to make up for that same reason.

At the same time, it’s hard to imagine the Cubs using whatever tiny amount of salary flexibility they have on adding an expensive closer just so they could use him as a late-inning lefty. Oh, and all while the bullpen has started performing well.

  • http://chccorner.blogspot.com/ Jordan Campbell

    Hey Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports actually reported the Cubs interest in Sherrill yesterday heres the link


    • Ace

      Thanks, Jordan. So even worse than just making stuff up: Bleacher Report is stealing info without citing, and holding it out as its own. Nice.

  • Dean

    Maybe a Brian Roberts tie in involved?

    • Ace

      We can certainly hope, Dean. But financially, it’s highly unlikely this year.