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5 responses to “Cardinals Deal One Outfielder, Rumored to Add a Better One – Matt Holiday”

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  2. Streak

    That would be one of the most feared batting order in the league. Rasmus, Pojols, Holliday, DeRosa, and Ludwick… Scary for any pitcher.

  3. Cardfan

    Yeah, whatever.
    Rumors say that the Cardinals are ready to land both Holiday and Halladay. Total BS. Their naive GM doesn’t seem to notice that he has played the patsy every time – from the deals he has made to the deals that fell through. In some fairness, though, I will reserve judgement on the DeRosa acquisition.

    Ace, you should be pleased with the way that LaRussa showed his true colors on the Duncan situation. Practically called all of us StL fans “big meanies” for beating up on his best friends boy. I loved the part where he told us that we have a short memory and that Duncan was one of the five players in 2006 that contributed to the championship season. This from the a-hole that threw a hissy fit, held management hostage and ran Rolen out of St. Louis (one of the biggest contributors to TWO World Series seasons). The idiot did irreparable damage to Duncan in St. Louis with those comments. Nobody was booing the kid, he was just hammered on all the blogs. Big freakin deal. Arrrgghh! LaRussa aka “makes me want to vomit” is now firmly back on my bad side.

    PS. You da man for dumpin the Crow for the Fox on that last series preview. I’d like to think that was just for me…

    1. Butcher

      Apparently it isn’t BS at all. Looks like a done deal.

      Congrats, Cardsfan. Holiday is a really nice pickup.


      1. Cardfan

        Holy crap – they were serious. Shows my confidence. And just in time for the Phillies and the Dodgers.