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5 responses to “Oh Crap: Cardinals Acquire Matt Holiday”

  1. Cardfan

    We have not only cleaned the cupboard, we have dry-walled over the hole where it stood. It is either a great move that will get us deep in the playoffs or a complete disaster if we are sitting at home in October.

  2. Lok


    I took it a completely different way. Isn’t Albert a free agent after next season? If they don’t win this year, I can see St. Louis dangling Albert at the trade deadline next year for prospects to “restock” the system (heck, he could even resign with St. Louis after that!) I’d hope the front office isn’t dumb enough to do that, but stranger things have happened.

    When I got the ESPN update text that said St. Louis acquired Matt, my shoulders dropped. I love my Cubbies, but talk about getting Albert some protection! Our only hope now is if Ramierez, Lee, Soriano (ugh), and Fukudome start clicking at the same time. The pitching seems to be coming around, but that offense.. =(

    1. Cardfan

      I can see your view. If they were going to play that game, though, they would have kept either Duncan or Wallace around. Both are suited for 1B given their ineptitude in their assigned positions. Wallace is a beast at the plate and would be a virtual lock for that position two years from now if Pujols isn’t in StL.

      Aside from that, you can take some comfort in a half game deficit and the Cardinal pitching staff doing a 2008 replay in Philly tonight.