Although rumors continue to swirl, as they will for the next few days (and really, for the month after that), actual news is hard to come by these days.

Mostly, that’s because Chicago Cubs general manager Jim Hendry is apparently the fattest girl in school a few days before the prom. That is to say, he’s doing a lot of waiting by the phone.


For the second straight day, Hendry reported little progress in trade talks other than to say he spent most of the day waiting for other teams to call him back. Daily Herald.

I wonder what those voicemails sound like.

“Hey there, Billy [Beane], how’s it going? It’s Jim. I, uh, well, I’m sorry for all the messages, but you know, I was just seeing what’s up. Thought maybe we could talk about some deals, but I’m having trouble getting you on the horn. Hit me back when you get a chance. Holla.”

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