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3 responses to “The Cubs Don’t Have the Prospects to get … John Grabow?”

  1. Butcher

    Guess we did after all.

  2. shawn

    The Cubs Farm system is terrible, and to get Grabow, they will have to give something up that is on the decent side, which leaves only a few people. The Pirates may throw in Tom Gorzolony to make a better deal for a major league reliever that the Cubs do not care about parting ways with, and for the Cubs it gives them another starter just in case of injury.

    If the past few days have shown anyone out there in the baseball world anything, it is that the Pirates are not going to part ways with someone they can get cheap in arbitration if they cannot get good talent back in return. They got extremely good talent back for Sanchez, a top 1st base prospect (for Wilson) that will be ready to play full time next year as well as some low level pitchers that may or may not be decent picks (you never know when they are 20 and 21 years old). Unless there is a deal where a team out there scores Halladay, the real winners of this trade deadline are the Pittsburgh Pirates..sad to say I am not even a Pirates fan but just look at what they are getting in return. I suppose the new management is doing something right out there, because in 2 to three years this team will be fighting for at least a wildcard, and in the weak central maybe more