5 responses to “Cubs Acquire Grabow, Gorzelanny From Pirates”

  1. Cardfan

    “Yeah, um, Hart, could you step over hear for a moment. Go ahead and finish that Gatorade – good game. You had some rough spots in there, but you toughed it out – great win. Big one for the team. Now, ummmm, how do I say this? Oh yeah – you’ve been traded.”

    “Wow, right after a big win in a neck-in-neck race for the division…Who did I get traded to?”

    “We actually traded you within the division”

    “Really?!? You must really not think that much of me or think quite highly of who you traded for.”

    “We’re really not that worried about it. It’s, um, it’s…well… you will be playing for the Pirates.”


    From penant race to decades of futility. Poor guy.

    1. Ace

      Haha. Very nice, Cardfan.

      (never thought I’d use those words in a sentence together… you represent your team well)

  2. Cardfan

    PS. “non-malicious but highly annoying”. Sounds like a Brewers fan…

    1. Lok

      About the only thing Cubs and Cards fans can agree on (besides the fact that Pujols = amazingsauce!) is that it most certainly was a Brewer fan :)

      1. Ace

        Stupid Brewer fans…