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Month: July 2009

Ted Lilly Hurt Now, Too?

This can’t be real. Yet, this is our existence, friends. Apparently Ted Lilly could be bumped in the rotation for a couple days, as Sons of Ivy notes: Per Wittenmyer, because of his knee. Fortunately, this follows the All-Star break, so it would be relatively easy to rearrange the rotation as necessary to accommodate Lilly […]

Aramis Ramirez is Still Hurting

We cautioned Chicago Cubs fans not to pin their hopes on the return of injured third baseman Aramis Ramirez, and Ramirez was quick to agree before he actually came back from a dislocated shoulder. After watching him play a few games, it’s pretty clear that he’s still hurting. I’m glad that he’s willing to play […]


The Chicago Cubs Sign BJ Ryan

It’s official, friends. The hopes of a generation lie in the largely unsuccessful and injured left hand and arm of BJ Ryan. Yes, I’m being melodramatic. And attractive. Ryan was 1-1 with a 6.53 ERA in 25 games with the Toronto Blue Jays before he was released on July 8. The Jays owe the left-hander […]

Chicago Cubs Lead Pursuit of, um, BJ Ryan

Well, it’s not quite the Blue Jays pitcher you’d hope the Chicago Cubs were leading the pursuit for, but it’s nice to be first in something. Team sources confirmed Monday the Cubs are the leading contenders for left-handed reliever B.J. Ryan, the former closer who was released Wednesday by the Blue Jays. CHICAGO SUN-TIMES. A […]

Ugh: Roy Halladay Would Probably Accept a Trade to the St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals are unfortunately legitimate contenders in the Roy Halladay sweepstakes – their GM was recently quoted as saying the team would give up “an arm or a leg” to get him (do they have both in their system?). Adding to that, Halladay, who has full no-trade protection, has intimated that he’d probably accept a […]

The Cublogoverse is Grading the First Half

Although generally I avoid these large link dumps, there were too many good mid-season reviews/commentaries on the Chicago Cubs’ 2009 season in the Cublogoverse to only note and comment on a few. Thus, link dump. Bleed Cubbie Blue literally grades the Cubs and all of the players on the Cubs. As a whole, they get […]


The Cubs Pull a Fast One with David Patton’s Injury

Facts: 1.) David Patton was a Rule V pick from the Colorado Rockies. 2.) A team must keep a Rule V pick on the Major League roster (aka the 25-man roster) for the entire season or they must offer him back to his original team. 3.) A team must keep a Rule V pick on […]

God’s Wrathwatch: Geovany Soto Hoping to Be Out Only Two or Three Weeks

Though when Chicago Cubs catcher Geovany Soto was first placed on the disabled list late last week, the word was not good: out one month, minimum. But Soto, currently rehabbing in Arizona, is hoping he can be back much sooner. “We’re going to attack [the injury] quickly and see where we’re at,” Soto said earlier […]

Chicago Cubs: Dumping Players, and the Measure of Regret

The All Star break marks the not-really-but-figurative mid-point of the season. It always seems like a good time to reflect on pre-season items, and how things have played out (read: cliche, but we’re doing it anyway). It is an easy time to look back with the benefit of hindsight … and regret. The Chicago Cubs […]

The Cubs Are Bankrupt, Sold

The Tribune Company is considering declaring the Chicago Cubs bankrupt in a legal maneuver designed to expedite the sale of the team. It sounds bad, but there’s really no concern. The key to the deal, for a team being sold for a reported $900 million that routinely draws 3 million fans a year to Wrigley […]

Josh Vitters and Starlin Castro are Future Something or Others

Daytona Cubs (High A) and top Chicago Cubs prospects Josh Vitters and Starlin Castro participated in yesterday’s rain-shortened Minor League Futures game. It’s basically an All-Star game for all of the Minor Leagues, where the U.S. takes on the World. It’s like if Minor League baseball was a metaphor for international relations under the Bush […]


Hey, Maybe the Cubs Really Are Looking at Freddy Sanchez

Can the Cubs trade for the version of Freddy Sanchez that hits .350? Freddy Sanchez was in the Pittsburgh Pirates’ lineup Friday night, putting to rest any thought that the second baseman would be traded in the next 24 hours. The Giants remain the team showing the most interest, according to one source with direct […]

Sean Marshall Could Go Back to Rotation if Cubs Sign BJ Ryan

The Cublogoverse is abuzz over this Tribune article, which suggests that the Cubs are interested in recently released Blue Jay reliever, BJ Ryan … even though we already noted that here at Bleacher Nation several days ago. But whatever. We’re not bitter. As interesting as a move on Ryan would be, is the impact on […]

Enhanced Box Score: Cardinals 4, Cubs 2 – July 12, 2009 (Game 2)

Stupid doubleheaders. How frustrating was that 9th inning? Brilliant top half (including a beautiful Reed Johnson non-catch), and then three straight Ks looking in the bottom half. Sure, two of them were unbelievaballs, but you’ve got to protect with two strikes. Also, Ryan Franklin’s goatee is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. I thought […]

Getting the Right Bats in the Lineup Could be Tricky Today

Doubleheaders are largely unique to baseball, and are a fan favorite. “Let’s play two,” as Ernie Banks used to say. Well, I’ve always hated them. It’s not that I don’t appreciate being able to watch two games in a day – that part is sweet. It’s the fact that it is nearly impossible to take […]


God Relents: Derrek Lee’s Neck Injury is Minor

Derrek Lee’s bothersome neck is fine, he says. He’ll be ready for the doubleheader today. “I’m good; I’ll be in the lineup tomorrow,” he said. “There’s no story. I’m good. Just a tweak. I got out as a precaution.” DailyHerald.com. That’s quite a precaution, given that it was just a four-run game at the time. […]

Hooray! Derrek Lee Pulled in Fifth with Apparent Injury

Micah Hoffpauir came out to play the top of the 6th, with no explanation yet given. This could be great. We will update when we have details. UPDATE: Apparently it was neck spasms that got the best of Lee, which is not good news. As you’ll recall, Lee missed several games earlier this year with […]

Sam Fuld Back to Chicago to Replace Soto

Sam Fuld is heading back to Chicago to take Geovany Soto’s place on the roster once he’s DL’d. Fuld was more than adequate in a brief stint a couple weeks ago, and with Alfonso Soriano and Milton Bradley continuing to struggle, Fuld could actually see some at bats this time around. Then again, he may […]

Sorry Steve Clevenger and Chris Robinson, But the Cubs Think You Suck

When starting catcher Geovany Soto went down this week with an oblique injury, the Chicago Cubs had to scramble for a back-up catcher. And despite two adequately performing catchers at AAA Iowa – Steve Clevenger and Chris Robinson – the Cubs decided to look outside the organization. The Cubs apparently tried to claim a catcher […]