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2 responses to “This is Just Ridiculous: Aramis Ramirez Out, Too”

  1. Aisle 424

    Between the heat, the pain, and potential blood rushing to the injury, its possible that Aramis was feeling woozy/ losing focus. That happened to me when I sprained my ankle years ago. I rolled it pretty bad but the pain was subsiding when the heat plus the swelling caused me to almost faint as I tried to walk it off. Hoping that is all that was with Ramirez and it will turn out to be a fairly minor contusion and not a shattered elbow or something.

  2. CarmelaCubbie2

    I just hope that nothing is wrong. The absolute LAST thing that we need is for Ramirez to be back on the DL. He has been key to our offensive hot streak. And is there any news update on Zambrano’s leave? He isn’t actually injured is he? I sure hope not! Or else giving Kevin Hart up is not going to be looking good anymore.