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Updates on Carlos Zambrano and Aramis Ramirez

Chicago Cubs News

Although you can never feel too comforted, both are apparently going to be ok.


Zambrano said after the game that he would be ready for his next start. His back was stiff due to sleeping on a bad hotel mattress (remember when that happened to Kerry Wood?), and he was pulled from the game because it was affecting his throwing motion. Lou Piniella asked Zambrano to leave because he didn’t want the minor back issue to turn into a major arm issue.

Aramis Ramirez’s situation is still a little unclear. He definitely left the game due to wooziness, not directly because of the hit on the elbow. Our friends at Aisle424 suggested in the comments that the combination of heat, exercise, and then blood rushing to a painful contusion could lead to lightheadedness, so hopefully that’s all it was.

Either way, after the game, Piniella said Ramirez should be fine, but might miss today’s game.


Brett Taylor

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